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Green Mars 01



I just made this terraformed Mars globe on Gimp.
It's a slight mix between a high resolution photo of Mars and a photo of Earth, both public domain from NASA.
My intention is to show the Green stage of terraforming, in the spirit of Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.
Enjoy the details :)
And Happy Christmas !!

For more Mars from me, please visit my DaVinci - Mars Design blog : [link]
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In your opinion Ludo38. Is this what you believe mars would look like at the end of terraforming. I am writing a story which takes place on a terraformed mars and I want mars to differ greatly from earth. In a way I want it to still be considered "the red planet." I imagine it as still red but also slightly green. it is also a colder planet so tropics wouldn't exist. It would be a planet of rolling plains and temperate forests. What do you think?