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Ciudad de Mexico - 2 futuros

By Ludo38
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Two photomanipulations I made to show 2 possible futures of Mexico City.
I created these images as my participation to a collective in Mexico City called Region52 ( ) dedicated at analysing the issues and proposing solutions for the city.

These images were entirely created on open-source programs : Hugin (for the making of the original panorama), Blender (for the 3 models of the gigantic freeways, the blimps and a pyramidal building) and over all : GIMP (for the photomanipulation). All that on Linux Ubuntu.

These photomanipulations are based on a panorama photo I took myself from the Torre LatinoAmericana (aka the "Mirador"), and all the other elements are of my personal production (photography and 3D) or from public domain sources such as Pixabay and Wikimedia Commons.

The dark vision is a critic of the dangerous and backward urbanism direction the city is taking by multiplying the levels of the freeways, including the future access to the projected airport. The image also express the increase in car use everywhere, which leads to more smog, more parkings, less trees (the beautiful Alameda Park here becomes the awful Alameda Parking !). It's a nightmare of cars and polluting transports (including planes).

The lightful vision tries to express a city that bet on urban agriculture (on roofs and everywhere possible), on solar energy (all the balls on the buildings are solar energy capture systems I imagined) and on slower and clean means of transport (bike, blimps, walk...). On the left of the image, you can see a river, which is here to express one of the main topics raised by the collective Region52 : the reinstallation of rivers in the city and a real ecological design of the water presence inside the megalopolis.

Musicians I listened most while creating the lightful vision : Eric Serra and Pink Floyd.

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This is Both Greatly and Scarly True.

Awesome Work !
RealTimeBrush's avatar
Very cool piece of work with a huge amount of unique detail to explore
Ludo38's avatar
:) Thank you very much for your appreciation. I might do some more similar visions soon !
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The bottom is the most likely future unfortunately; especially since the Oil Industry and all connected to it refuse to die.  The only upside is that they encourage the development of space colonization: for resources to plunder and to advertize a cleaner environment for the rich.
Ludo38's avatar
I quite agree ! Then let's put more and more energy on the bright side. :)
Violeta-de-Panteon's avatar
Hola Ludo, me parece muy interesante e inquietante a la vez; para como va la ciudad con sobrepoblación, contaminación, corrupción y el desinterés general por su "mantenimiento sustentable" el escenario de arriba está muy lejos de ser ni siquiera imaginado, pero en fin.
Gran trabajo, los detalles en ambos son muy buenos. Clap 
RechaDis's avatar
Me pregunto cual de los dos futuros nos esta esperando
Ludo38's avatar
No se espera, se hace ! :)
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Warranty4's avatar
Great, one concept sadly more believable than the other. But we can hope.
Ludo38's avatar
:) let's keep faith in our ability to change the course of the world.
Warranty4's avatar
Yes, thank you for reminding me we can do that. :)
Twiggierjet's avatar
Very nice. Is that one freeway on the left on fire?
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