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Blender WIP - Arrowhead 01

I am starting on Blender a 3D model of the airship described in Red Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson), called the "Arrowhead".
I am a newbie on Blender, so excuse the cheap aspect of the the model, but it's all on its way to someday look realistic and impressive !
I haven't yet put any people beside it to express the scale. The balloon is 120m wide and the whole ship is around 40m high.

Comments and advices are much welcome ! ;)

To see more Mars art by me, check my Da Vinci Mars Design blog : [link]
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I have a question you can probably answer, though this may not be the place to ask it.

The talk of terraforming Mars is fascinating, but there is a basic problem that people may or may not be considering. I understand Mars lacks a molten core, therefore lacks a magnetic field, and is therefore exposed to erosion of its atmosphere by the solar wind, which is why its atmosphere is so thin now. Once terraforming is done, won't the atmosphere just get eroded again?
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You point something very important, yes. I don't remember if Kim Stanley Robinson consider this in his Mars Trilogy... What I know on the other hand is that there are some probes to be launched in the next years that will specifically study that kind of issues, learning more about what happened to Mars' atmosphere, etc.
If you search the web on this topic, I guess you will find something.
For my part, I don't count much on terraforming, because it's such a huge process. Even if we turn out able to terraform Mars, the sure thing is that for many years our life on Mars will have to be adapted to what Mars is now, a barren and hostile environment. So, terraformed or not, Mars will be inhabited by humans.
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I agree. And after Mars...

Ultimately, I think we must inhabit outer space itself. And when we do that, we will evolve into something other, and hopefully more, than what we are now.
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As long as the atmosphere is being replenished faster than the solar wind can erode it, It should be fine. The main problem about lacking a magnetic field is the lack of radiation protection.
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I agree, in that it is crucial to know something about the rates of the various processes. One cannot simply dismiss the problem with the assumption that the condition you state can be satisfied.
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Very glad you've made the jump to 3D with Blender!

Easy way to get past the blocky look is to do your modelling first, then at the end apply the Subdivision Modifier. But I'd bet you knew that already :)
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Yes, I know the subdivision modifier. Actually, I haven't used it there, afraid that it would make the render too long, and also because i somehow like the polygonal look of the ship (for the ballon at least). The thing is that if I want a good looking polygonal airship, I must master the way the render shows it. Not done yet.
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