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Eddsworld - Edd Shimeji


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help me edd is running but is invisible, little help?
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how do I download this?
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I wish this was also for mac...
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como hago para que me salga el edd? estoy confundida
plz ayuda
snowpawmoonlight's avatar
IT DIDN'T WORK FOR ME....! can you help?
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Download the file
Download WinRAR (free)
Download Java if you haven't already (free)
Download (free)

Extract the file and the file
Double click on Shimeji-ee.exe and click on it and press "use selected"

Hope it helps Yay! Eddsworld 
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uhh i downloaded it, and im sort of confused on how to use this -v-''??

it comes (downloaded) into a zip thing, and im not sure what to do next? Big Fool Emoji-03 (Creep Stare) [V2] 
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you have to get winrar or rar frog extractor (i think its called that idk but its free) and extract the zip file using one of these two then it will look like normal where you go into the folder and click the shimeji icon application
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did you download Java?
FursonaAngel's avatar

every time i try to "summon" the shimeji. it doesn't show. any help?
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erm..i dont understand this, i wanna get green hoodied child onto my screen but i am confused by the website and that it didn topen a ZIP or Jar file, ;w;
artdoggo's avatar
do I just download it and it gets on my screen afterwards? if not, what do I have to do?
JuicyOusiGuy323's avatar
well if you dont have java 6 download that and then go to your file click the bat file or exe or jar file and choose the lil bugger also i know i didnt put punctuation
KamTheLucarioSenpai's avatar
you gotta 'summon' him, for say- go into your files.
Rosyrabbitbackup's avatar
yes! im gonna download the matt after i get this cutie on my screen C':
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Hi! May I add this Shimeji as a free downloadable option in my Shimeji app? You will be credited, with a link back to this page.…

ludmilabb2's avatar
Oh my goodness, IS THIS TRUE?! I mean, OF COURSE, but be sure of credit me haha 💝
Kayote's avatar
Of course! It'll be in the next update. Thanks so much!
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Lo siento molestar, pero ¿cómo añadir esto a mi equipo?
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I love this! Are you planning on doing others? If so, what about Eduardo?


¡Me gusta esto! ¿Está planeando hacer otros? Si es así, ¿qué hay de Eduardo?
(¡Lo siento! ¡Mi español es malo!)
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