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Beating Boredom (Optimus Prime x Femme! Reader)
‘Stupid humans and their stupid long outings.’ I stretched, yawning to let everyone know how bored I was. I threw a glance around the room; Crosshairs was reclined on the ledge above everyone else, Drift was polishing his swords as per usual, Hound sorted through his ammo, Bumblebee surfed the radio station, and Optimus leaned against a column, Kade resting near him. I felt myself heat up as I casually observed our strong leader. I had always liked him, but kept all feelings of that sort locked away tight. I got back up onto my feet, and began skating around the room in an effort to keep myself entertained until Tessa and Shane
Hades x Reader
"Where am I?" I muttered to myself, looking at my surroundings. I had gone to sleep in my bed but had just woken up to a completely different environment. I was still in a bed, but it was a lot bigger and a lot more comfy than the one at my house, and the room was lit by candles and a roaring fireplace which filled the room with warmth. The room itself was a beautiful gothic style, the kind you'd imagin castles to have. Suddenly, a voice interrupted my thoughts. "You're in the Underworld, my dear. My palace, to be exact." I spun to my right where my eyes landed on a tall, handsome man who was leaning on the doorway and looking at me intently
Male! Giselle x Reader Enchanted Ch. 7
You couldn't believe that Edna couldn't save Gisello from the true love's kiss. If Edna's not his true love, then who? And then, you all heard the sound of clock. You noticed it was almost to midnight soon. The royal ball was about to end soon enough. Narcissus gave a dark chuckle as he realized that Edna wasn't Gisello's true love anymore. "You'll never save him now. Once the clock strikes midnight, he'll be dead." he said. Princess Edna knew that only one minute left as she needed to find Gisello's actual true love. She suddenly remembered your dance with Gisello. She did hear your beautiful voice as you sang and Gisello sang with you i
Male! Giselle x Reader Enchanted Ch. 6
After you became the royal princess, you were told to choose a different partner for your royal dance other than your previous dance partner you already danced with the crowd before the dance contest. You were not sure despite that you're now the princess of this royal night. You only have an hour left. Because when the clock strikes midnight, the royal ball and your dream will end. You couldn't tell which gentleman you should dance. Maybe you're not ready to be the princess for the royal ball, but the contest had already decided that you're the tonight's princess. You sighed until you noticed Gisello confronting you. "Gisello?" And then,
Male! Giselle x Reader Enchanted Ch. 5
And then, during your job, you were with Nance, being told it was a surprise. "Okay. Don't open them yet," he said, keeping his hands cover your (e/c) eyes. "When will I get to see the surprise you got for me?" You asked as if you were about to get impatient. "Be patient, babe. Just wait til we get to the suprise at my office." he said. As you both arrived in Nance's office, you both went inside as you were still waiting for the surprise from your boyfriend. "Okay, we're here." Nance pulled his hands away from your eyes. With that, you became very surprised to see a beautiful gown, white as snow. On the center of the gown, there was a g
Male! Giselle x Reader Enchanted Ch. 4
After you realized that you needed to thank Gisello, you invited him to an Italian restaurant. You told him that it wasn't really a date, but a treat for him. "Thank you for the song you gave me, Gisello. I got a message from my boyfriend and he invited me to the royal ball." "That's wonderful! I'm so glad that he really loves you." replied Gisello, grateful to hear it from Nance. "Yeah. I need to find something to wear for the royal ball." You realized that you needed a ballroom dress. "Maybe I can help you make one." he suggested. "It's okay. I'm a fashion designer. I can make one for the important night." You explained your job as the
Male! Giselle x Reader Enchanted Ch. 3
The next day, you decided to bring Gisello with you to your work. You told the receptionist to keep an eye on Gisello while you're gone. He asked you about the Gisello and you answered, "I don't know. Just someone from a far country. But please keep an eye for me." And you noticed Gisello tried to drink water from the water thank, to your shock! "Oh no no no. Don't drink the water from the tank. It's dirty." You told Gisello that water from the fish tank is not fresh for a person to drink. And with that, he spit out a fish from his mouth, the fish dropping into the cup of water. You became slightly disgusted as you didn't want him embaras
Male! Giselle x Reader Enchanted Ch. 2
The next day, Morgan prepared to get ready for school. "Okay, Gisello. I want you stay here until I come back from school. Think you can handle that?" he said. Gisello nodded as he promised not to leave without Morgan around. "Be good while I'm gone." Gisello watched Morgan leave as he waved goodbye. He sighed to himself as he wondered what to do. And then, he noticed how messy your apartment was. "Oh dear. This won't just do." he said. Gisello realized that maybe he can clean the apartment the whole day until Morgan comes home from school. He opened the window and gave his lovely voice as if he was calling out the animals in NYC. Rats,
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