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Devil girl .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Devil girl .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 13,771 208 Spider Gwen by sakimichan Spider Gwen :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,212 270
Alois’ point of view:
I sat on the large red couch waiting for my stupid butler to finish tying my shoe. I let out a disapproving sigh, due to the fact that I wanted to go shopping before the stores closed.
“…yes, my young master?..”
Claude glared at me through his glasses, now that I think of it he also gave an annoyed response
“I do apologize my lord but it is quite hard to tie ones shoe while they are moving around”
“Yes my lord..”
~Meanwhile in the Phantumhive manor~
“Come now my young master we have much work to be doing about this “jack the ripper” case, and do you wish for me to bring you a spare coat?”
“Yes Sebastian I’m coming, and No, there will be no need for one, we will just be t
:iconxxbananaaphonexx:xxbananaaphonexx 490 120
Mature content
Claude x Reader (Lemon) :iconicyloneliness:IcyLoneliness 98 11
Claude x Reader: The Shower Scene
I originally wrote this to be a PluiexClaude, since she gave me the idea that Claude stalks me in the bathroom (it's actually just full of spiders). BUT.
I'm changing it to a ClaudexReader.
haha, on with the story.
"CIEL! I LOVE YOU!" You screamed at the computer monitor, after watching the final episode of Black Butler season 2. It had been two days since you last left your house, only leaving your desk to grab food and use the washroom. And really not even then. You and your older brother had been having a Kuro marathon (not an uncommon sight in the (last name) household, but he had gotten sick of Alois' slutty attitude, and left to watch something more worth his while, IE Star Wars.
"AAAUGH, TOO SUGOI," the (hair colour) girl cried as the ending song played, and fake blood dribbled out of her nose.
"Now, what to do?"
"(name)! Get ready to come shopping with me, please!" your mother called up the stairs, into your room.
:iconicarasaurus:Icarasaurus 689 1,081
Akali KDA by narukaminez Akali KDA :iconnarukaminez:narukaminez 292 6 Akali K/DA [League of Legends] by seberry Akali K/DA [League of Legends] :iconseberry:seberry 252 4 KDA AKALI by Sefiliana KDA AKALI :iconsefiliana:Sefiliana 357 2 K/DA Akali by Zarory K/DA Akali :iconzarory:Zarory 855 12 KDA Akali by kangdh1202 KDA Akali :iconkangdh1202:kangdh1202 432 4
My Sweet - Part 2 (Claude X Reader)
It has been a few weeks since you had seen the handsome man that had helped you find the Sweets Shop. You still had the small black and white card he had given you, you had read the printed words in your head a thousand times over: "Hoheo Taralna, Rondero Tarel."
You wondered what the words meant. You had looked up the words in every language book you could get your hands on but couldn't find their meaning anywhere. It puzzled you, but still you wondered how in the world saying these words could summon the man, and even then you didn't want to waste his time. But the thought of that deep and forceful kiss you received from him nagged in your brain, you wanted more.
However, it would have to wait, you had to get ready for work. Once ready you headed out onto the streets the ever familiar path carrying you to the shoe shop you worked at. You were lost in your head thinking about the man to notice anything, let alone the pair of hands reaching to grab you from the small alley way a
:iconmscrevan:MsCrevan 192 275
My Sweet (Claude X Reader)
You were wandering the streets of London looking for a sweets shop your friend had told you about. Even though you were a fully grown woman you were still on the short side, so seeing the names of the shops over the crowd was difficult. You were straining your neck to see the name of the street you were on when suddenly you were knocked to the ground sending the contents of your bag rolling everywhere.
"Get out of the way!" An older man rudely pushed past you and kept going leaving you to try to find everything and clean yourself up.
"Are you all right miss?" A cool, and calm voice asked as a dark haired man with golden eyes and square frames knelt down to help you pick up your things.
"Well...well I..I'm trying to find this candy store my friend told me about." You blushed and looked away from the handsome man who had helped you.
"Ah I see, I am on my way to the same shop." He paused to look at the address you handed him on a slip of paper. "Would you li
:iconmscrevan:MsCrevan 255 48
Mature content
Claude Faustus x Butterfly Demon!Reader (lemon) :iconyukinoceres:yukiNOceres 458 250
Soul on Fire Chapter 2 Grillby X Reader
I just stood there looking at him. There was tears and hate in my eyes. ‘Why was he doing this?’ Grillby still hadn’t turned around to look at me. Now I had an opportunity. If I was careful I could run away…or destroy him. I wiped away the tears from my eyes. I looked down and blinked. I felt my eyes turn green. I could see in the dark now.
Guess I had decided to run. I quickly turned and started running off into the now pitch black night. I didn’t know where I was going I just had to get away.
“(Y/N)!” I heard Grillby call my name but I wasn’t stopping. It was suddenly cold away from the company of the fire elemental. “COME BACK! IT’S NOT SAFE!”
‘Would it be any safer with him?’ I thought but didn’t want him to hear me. I was farther ahead of him but I could hear him following me. I saw every tree and root trying my best not to stumble. I turned on a dime to my right. I was hoping to be throw him off m
:iconweirdly-attractive:Weirdly-Attractive 29 7
Soul on Fire Chapter 1 Grillby X Reader
I closed my eyes as I leaned my back against the strong oak tree I was sitting underneath. I was a beautiful day out. The sun was shining, birds were singing, flowers were blooming. On days like today kids like me were being put through Hell.
I took a deep breath in holding it for a bit before I released it. There was war going on. Humans and monsters had been living together for a while now but just recently humans decided they couldn’t live with monsters anymore. I couldn’t quite understand why. Most of my friends were monsters; they are more accepting than the humans.
I heard the snap of a stick and immediately opened my eyes and stood up. They were here. I closed my eyes again focusing on sound. I could hear their hearts beating. They were about twenty feet behind me to my left.
“Shh! Do you want the freak to hear us?” The voice was of a boy. It was harsh and deep. He must have been a few years younger than me, maybe about 15 or 16.
“Sorry. I’d j
:iconweirdly-attractive:Weirdly-Attractive 65 5
Hot for You (Grillby x Reader)
So maybe he wasn't a fan of talking, selectively mute as humanity had labeled it. It was a privilege, a hard one to earn no less, but you treasured every rare occurrence of speech that graced you.
Though to call him silent would be nothing short of grossly incorrect.
While Grillby was quiet in the vocal sense, the man was always emitting noise. You would know. You were currently relaxing on the couch with him…
Well, you were engaging in some intimate cuddle time pinned beneath him as he coyly placed light feathery kisses along your face, neck, and shoulders.
You loved ever whooshing swirl of his ignited embarrassment. Adored every crackle of a smile that sounded when his mood picked up. You could tell the difference between a depressed crackle and a determined one. His breathing was calming to listen to and you indulged yourself as he panted beside your ear. Every deep velvet rumble that emanated from the depth of his chest, sending vibrations through the fingertips you had splay
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 213 44




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