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Edited the Derpy hiccup pic so that she has a giant muffin in her mouth. Yes.
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Apparently Derpy is part pegasus and part anaconda! 
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can I use this picture in a computer wallpaper I'm doing?
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used here. [link] Thank you. :iconbrohoof1plz::iconbrohoof2plz:
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Om nom nom nom nom!!!
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damnit you beet me to it (joke btw)
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She puts a lot of big things in her mouth, doesn't she :3
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This oddly makes a whole lot of sense.
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Remember kids: Always chew your food first.
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Attempt at skrewing physics like pinkie: Only 20% complete.
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Forget you, I can eat this huge muffin!

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Derpy needs to be careful!
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derpy! no! chew!
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Nomming denied. :(
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Recolored Pinkie
good job :D
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knew it....U have done well
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