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Gender Binary


Gender Binary

Recently I realised I wasn’t a proper woman. Everything that was taken for granted as being female, didn’t seem to fit. But at the same time I didn’t completely identify with the idea of a “typical” male. I appreciate that these are just stereotypes, but there’s truth in stereotypes. I have decided I am biologically female but essentially..have no gender. This might be hard for you to understand, it was definitely hard for some people to understand when I’d talked about it to them! It never dawned on me that “the average person” never wondered about what it would be like to be the opposite gender,
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With Baited Breath - first bit


With Baited Breath - first bit

Prologue The market is busy, a bustling array of spicy smells and people's feet tramping up and down relentlessly. Some are barefoot, some are wearing tattered shoes, all are dirty. I turn to my brother as he sits beside me, quivering in the dust. His eyes are wide, taking in all the sights around him, and most of all taking in our new arrival as he pushes his way towards us. My master says something to the man, who bends to scrutinise us. His hand is rough under my jaw and I whimper, but the man is relentless. I am handled carelessly, and he ignores my cries as he scoops me up and crams me under his arm. I wriggle, trying to get free,


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My Bio
Current Residence: Canberra, ACT
Favourite genre of music: Indie rock
Favourite style of art: realism
Operating System: Mac OS Leopard
Favourite cartoon character: asterix!
Personal Quote: "You eat peanuts with the shells on! People only do that in cartoons!

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Garden State, The Big Lebowski
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
hmm...Doves, Elbow, Radiohead, Goldfrapp, Feeder, Mew, The Killers, Gorillaz..
Favourite Writers
Sarah Waters,Henning Mankell, Douglas Adams, Odo Hirsch....
Favourite Games
Starship Titanic
Tools of the Trade
Kolourpaint, mouse/touchpad, flash 8, acrylics, synthetic brushes, needle, thread, fabric, pencil!
Other Interests
animals, good books (Not fantasy!), art

Life update-uni troubles, a fun musical interlude!

Life update-uni troubles, a fun musical interlude!

Well...I know I complained about art school a few months ago. It settled down, I managed and I started to enjoy it. I had to do two textiles projects, I had three days of class time for each and I got them done quite well I think. I went to my textiles assessment and I was very upset by the end of it. I pinned my work up and all the textiles teachers looked at it. They had a few positive things to say about my ideas, but overall I got quite a negative impression. One teacher, who had NEVER taught me before, said brutally that she didn't think I had the commitment to do textiles, and wondered if I were doing a double degree (as surely I'd don

Altered books..

Altered books.. you remember THIS book? well..I'm going to try get it altered, AGAIN. soo... the details are on my site. If you're interested in a collaborative book altering project please contact me.

I'm hiatising

I'm hiatising it my state of mind, or annoyance at wading through 5 zillion fave messages, but for some reason I'm a litte tired of DA. Maybe it's the overexposure of art at university (my life has turned into one giant art BLOB, hence art isn't really something I do to unwind..what am I supposed to do, do art as a way to unwind from a day doing art?) As well as the large amount of..well..crud on here, and the fact that I'm probably not going to find my "fame" I've decided that although I will update on DA sometimes, and put some art up, but my big blockbuster portfolio pieces/illustrations will now be posted to my website. Yes, I ha

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eunichangHobbyist Artist
You're SO GOOD at all kinds of sewings, my friend! :D I'm IMPRESSED!
I used your horse pattern [link]
Pixel-MuttHobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you have commissions for your felt horses?
ClawsOfSteelHobbyist General Artist
Wow, you lasted on dA longer than I did.
Noodlerelleh Traditional Artist
Hello fellow Australian ^_^ Hope you don't mind the watch...
very beautiful horses!!
Hi! I used your horse plush tutorial to make a pegasus. Awesome tutorial, by the way. :D