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[Wyngro] Alstromeria Application

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Name: Alstromeria 
Nickname(s): Alstro, Astro, Astro Boy
Biological Sex: Male
Type: Standard Wyngro
Creation: Adopted Wyngro
Hatch Location: The Nook
Description: As tough as he may think he is, Alstro is actually very sensitive and easily frightened. He loves to take his blanket around with him wherever he goes by tying it around his neck like a cape! He aims to one day be strong and to have a lot of friends, but he can safely admit that he'll need to take baby steps before going too far. He is the biological younger brother of Azelea. 
Came with the following upgrades: Unusual Colors and Placements] [Tiny Arm Wings] [Cheek Fluff] [Hair Tuft] [Body Fluff] [Butt Fluff] [Brow Changer] [Shaped Paw Pads] [1 Accessory - Blanket]

Link to DD Page:

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Okay yep! I love this child! He's my favorite! He's so cute! 
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Aww he's adorable! Maybe he could be friends with my boy Jay?

Jay the Goodie Two Shoes by Lunawolf44
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Adorable sweetie. I think his paw pad is heart shape.
So cute. ^^ I love him!