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The Hanged Man

Redemption through sacrifice. Enforced sacrifice. Suffering. Reversed: Punishment. Loss. Defeat. Failure. Death.

"This figure is Osiris or Christ and shows redemption through suffering. He is drowned in the waters of affliction, the attitude is traditional and involves a right angle and a triangle. His foot is bound to the Ankh of Immortality with the serpant of life. The complete symbol is the triangle and the cross." (Thoth tarot deck)

A gift for ma chere levyrasputin of her favourite tarot card. :hug: :blowkiss:
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greenfroggies's avatar
very very beautiful and in a lovely tarot-esque style :)

another description of this card which I have read is that it is seeing the world from another perspective
sapphyrewind's avatar
simply just: wow...

grafficjam's avatar
a beauty. wd love to see it in stained glass!
AntonChanning's avatar
I am wondering if you are the same artist called Ludi I know from other places on the web, you art looks very similar, although I recognise none of the pics in your gallery... ;)
Ludi-Price's avatar
Hey there, Anton, and thanks for the :+devwatch: and the :+fav:'s... Much appreciated. :)

I may be the same person. Where have you see my art, and what is it of?
AntonChanning's avatar
Hmm, if you were the same person, you'd know that already. But then again, you could just be playing with me. If you are the same Ludi, I wouldn't put it past you... ;)

Would the term 'Movement for the Freedom of Body' mean anything to you?
Ludi-Price's avatar
Well, I have had art posted around the net in the past, but less so recently. And nope, that term doesn't mean a lot to me... :S
AntonChanning's avatar
Its okay. You are obviously a different Ludi. It just seemed strange that you both had this uncommon name, both painted in a similar style and both had interests in occultish subjects. On the other hand, I don't think (although I'm not sure) that the other Ludi I know (from some boards I haven't frequented in a while) is in the UK and I suspect they might be male.
Ludi-Price's avatar
Weird. Just goes to show it's a small world. :)
descendant's avatar
So jealous of your anatomy skills.....amazing work.
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
Yum. Great job with the anatomy.
ZroLimit's avatar
you ever consider doing your own deck, or maybe the most prominent picture cards? Archeon has a decent deck, and i'd love to see one in your style, or atleast more cards, as this one is pretty damn kickass
Ludi-Price's avatar
I have considered doing it... And I'd love to actually, I just have no time and am quite fickle in my art projects... I'd work at it so slowly I'd probably take me until I'm 80 to finish it. :p
ZroLimit's avatar
I'm sure it'd be worth the wait.
Red-Violin's avatar
Oh my God I can't believe this... this is... GORGEOUS!! You're an amazing artist:!:
nickyflamingo's avatar
gorgeus stained glass effect!
electricfallout's avatar
very very cool....I love the stained glass look of it.
JenZee's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous, Ludi~. The light colour combinations you've used, from red fading down to blues, is amazing. Mucha would be proud~. The anatomy is mostly wonderfully done, and I just *love* that green cloth. Flowing movement that is perfectly art noveau. I'm jealous of your watercolour skills as well :) (I'm pretty sure this is real media?). Wonderful, wonderful! +fav!
Ludi-Price's avatar
Thanks for the :+fav:, Jen! I'm flattered - you're too kind. :hug:
JenZee's avatar
Heheh you're simply too humble, dear :). You definitely deserve it~ I absolutely adore art noveau as well... I'd marry Mucha if he wasn't dead T_T!!!! Hehehe, maybe not >_> :heart:
nellmckellar's avatar
Ok finally I've managed to capture this elusive thing called time and here I am to belatedly comment!
Ludi's drawing her own tarot deck? THAT IS THE BEST THING EVER. I dunno why, but I think your style would really suit a deck of tarot cards. :) Probably the superb detail and linework you do!
I'm just loving the linework here! Gah! You're just so confident with ink, and it looks so clean and pefect! I won't go into another of my rants about how much I adore the way you draw clothing folds, but I LOVE THE WAY YOU DRAW CLOTHING FOLDS.
Anyway, really skillfull work you've showcased here. I wish I could write something more deep and meaningful, but it's late and I've just come back from seeing Shrek 2 (with Sam!) and I ate a bit too much buttered, salty popcorn! :crazy:
Ludi-Price's avatar
Well, I'm definitely gonna be doing more tarot cards now. Thanks Nell, you're sweet! :D

Damn I miss see Shrek 2! And you're still in touch with Sam? Cool! I have no idea where Pete is. No idea at all.... :cries:
nellmckellar's avatar
Yeah Sam's in Noosa for a while. But I don't know where Pete is. Sam doesn't know either. :(:(
Ludi-Price's avatar
Pete phoned today and he's in Adelaide! He said he's planning to stay in Australia until next February. =P

Love the new avatar, btw. :)
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