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We're four photographers from Germany and Austria and we want to support talented artists by providing references for their artistic education and work.
Feel free to use them as inspiration, light or colour references, photo backgrounds for artwork, photomanipulations, textures...
Feel free to modify our photographs for your purposes, but please do not resubmit them in their original form and claim them to be your artwork/photographs. Always credit us, so that other people get to know our stock account, too. :-) See here for detailed Terms of Use.

Some of our stock photos are high resolution made with DSLR Cameras and Bridge Cameras, others are of poorer quality because they were taken with a compact camera. Sorry for that, but we nevertheless decided to submit them, they're still good enough as blurred backgrounds or pose refs.

Our stock account is specialized in Equine and Medieval Themed Stock, but we always look out to take other nice stock images as well.

Please support us by faving photos you used or even hit the "watch" button ;-) You can find us on facebook, too! We have the facebook account for artists without dA account to contact us.
Watch us, to be up-to-date with our gallery. We submit new series of Photos frequently!

Lucius (Nikon/Sony Alpha), Charly (Sony/Nikon), Damon (mainly Canon EOS 500D) and David (Canon EOS 300D/7D)

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Submitted on
April 26, 2011