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LuDa-Stock Rules and FAQ

:new: COMMERCIAL USAGE: We're currently getting many requests concerning commercial usage of our artworks, for example for commissions or prints. Thank you for being so honest and asking for permission to use our stuff. Many people got an individual permission to use our stock for commercial artwork and were asked to donate a few points to our stock account in return. This worked out so well! We decided to open our stock for limited commercial usage now, you don't need to ask us via private message but we ask you to donate a small percentage of what you earned with artwork made from our stock - new rules see below.

So, if you plan to use our stock for commercial artworks: Feel free to use. Credit us in the comments/below the picture and please point out that you've paid for the commercial usage (e.g. Stock Used: [link] by LuDa-Stock, permission for commercial license through point donation). Donate a few points for our stock account (there's an option to donate points on our profile page).

IMPORTANT: We still don't want our stock to be reposted anywhere! Do not repost our photos on stock webpages se it for professional "wallpaper" or "poster" sale pages!

Our terms of use are:

Free for uncommercial use as references and photomanips, free for print sales inside of dA, free for SIM games outside of dA. Photo must be edited somehow! Don't repost the original picture anywhere and claim it as your photo! Credit us! 
You may use our work for artwork that respects our rules and does not violate law or harm the personal rights of anyone who might be depicted on the stock photos. You must follow the rules of DA concerning unacceptable content help.deviantart.com/60/

That means in detail:

Give proper credit:  
Please credit us - directly on your finished artwork or below in the description (e.g.: Stock Photo by: www.LuDa-Stock.deviantart.com)! Videos: place our name on the pictures or in the credits. This is a must! Never use our pictures without giving credit, otherwise it's a copyright infringement!
Inside of dA, it's fine if you credit us in the artist's comments. Elsewhere you should credit us directly on the picture or nearby.

Free Usage:  
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Private / uncommercial Artistic use  Our stock pictures are free to use for personal artworks of any kind (prints, manipulations or drawings of our pictures. You're allowed to show your art to the world (on deviantart, twitter, facebook, own website...).
Why no commercial usage? We spent a lot of time (and money! Professional photo equipment is expensive!) to make our stock photos. We paid entrance fees to equine shows to make the pictures. We spent hours of editing. We do this mainly to support young artists to improve their skills. Sharing is caring. Share your artworks as well to help others. So please do not make profit out of our work!

Restricted Commercial use:
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Traditional art (original piece sale): Stock is free to use (that's absolutely fine because you've spent hours of work to create your artwork. Even when you closely referenced our photos, you still have created your own, new artwork)!
:new:Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Traditional art prints (5+ copies): Please donate some points to our stock account after commission is successfully sold (deviantArt prints are free)!
:new:Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green  Digital painting (single commission)  Please donate some points to our stock account after commission is successfully sold (deviantArt prints are free)!
:new:Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow  Multiplied digital painting (e.g. prints), photomanip commissions Please donate some points to our stock account for each sold artwork made with our stock. For massive duplicates planned (>100), please contact us first (deviantArt prints are free with a big amount of artistic modification - replacing background, adjusting contrast/colors or replacing mane/tail IS NOT enough!)
:new:  How many points should I donate? It's up to you, depending on how much you earn from your sales and how much the stock picture influenced the artwork (for example: when you're using a horse photo for an exact 1:1 digital painting from it, then our stock picture influenced your artwork a lot. When you sell it for 2000 points, you could donate 100 points, that's 5%. When you're using a picture of a flower for decoration on a huge photomanipulation piece, then our stock photo is just a small puzzle piece in an artwork, when you sell it for 500 points, you could donate 5 points, that's 1%)
Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red  Use of the unedited Photo You are not allowed to use our stock in printed journals/magazines without our permission (-> if you're interested, please contact us), you are not allowed to use or offer our stock photos for money on any other stock providing website!

SIM Games (as howrse, Horse Eden Eventing): 
:bulletgreen: You are allowed to use our pictures for your own profile page as long you give credit to us. :bulletgreen: You are allowed to make Layouts and Profile Pictures with our pictures. :bulletgreen: You are allowed to use our stock to make horse designs like the 'Black Pearl', to earn SIM game money from them. :bulletgreen: You are allowed to make profile layouts for other SIM Gamers, as long they pay you with SIM game money. :bulletgreen: You are allowed to repost our unedited photos on your sim game profiles as long you give credit ON THE PHOTO (www.luda-stock.deviantart.com):bulletred: You are not allowed to make Layouts, Black Pearl Designs and so on for REAL money!:bulletred:

Illustration for blog entries, journals, articles There were many cases in the past where people wrote articles/blog entries about equine subjects and used our photos to illustrate the topics. We are mainly a stock provider for artists so we provide our photos for artistic purposes. We do not want you to repost the original photos anywhere!
Since there are so many requests, we decided to allow the usage of our photos in some special cases. Note us if you want to use our photos we will decide from case to case. In any case, you will have to give credit to us!
When you see a Lu-Da-photo in a blog article without any credit, this is pretty sure unauthorized. Please note us so we can contact the blog owner.

Any questions? If you're still uncertain if your way of using our art is okay, feel free to comment here or write a note :-)

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:IMPORTANT: Special Rules of usage concerning human stock (any photographs showing humans). :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

I. Please be respectful towards the people shown on the pictures. Do not use our human stock in a defamatory way (e.g. pornograhic, extremely violent or erotic artworks) when the person itself is recognizable. 

II. Do NOT under any circumstances repost the original human stock photos anywhere, do not link to them as the base for a discussion about their look, hairstyle, riding style or anything else concerning their privacy or personal rights . We provide riding pictures showing disharmonious situations. They are not there to blame the riders, they are there for artists to use as references in case they need to draw such a scene.The pictures may NOT be representive for the whole riding unit - they are just the most interesting snapshots for drawing and anatomy practice (by the way, we have "ugly" snapshots of almost any international rider, even from those who are known for their gentle riding style. Being captured in a bad phase can happen to every rider!). 


© 2013 - 2021 LuDa-Stock
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Hi my thing is i must give poits to the author(i dont know how i do that) or i just need to credit it?.


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referenced this from one of your stock photos of the disobediant horse with a rider

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HI! If used for a photomanipulation I intend to post on tumblr, is it okay to add the credits in the deacription rather than on the image? thanks!

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used one of your pic here:
[Contest] Mollie for Kagura by WolfiChibi
o0-WarriorMaiden-0o's avatar
Are free precuts and linearts from your stock okay to post? Credit and a link back to you and the picture used will be put in the description of everything posted. :)
kdaigler's avatar
Can we use your stock for manipulations that will be used on Ponybox, or do we need to buy your stock first in order to use it for manipulations? Thank you Kristan
SofiesDrawings's avatar
Oka so I have read some of the comments and I saw that you allow YHH or though I just want to make sure that you allow it. If that makes sense. Like I have done a few YHH both digitally and traditionally.
Examples: Digital - Sketch: fav.me/d9qrjid, Finished piece: fav.me/d9rv4qb. Traditional - Sketch: fav.me/d9pmcd0, Finished piece: fav.me/d9pwa85
You can also see the prices and such. Would this be allowed?
Btw as you might can see I haven't really used refferences for these but they are just examples :)
Hi, I'd like to use this image to go along with an article on Rollkur for a website - is this ok as long as I credit you for it?  Thanks!
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Please show me wich one you are talking about
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Thank you for the update on your commercial usage! I have quite a few of your photos saved on my computer, if I get around to using them for sellable art I'll be sure to donate some points your way. ;) Thanks again for providing such beautiful stock! The gray mare photos you posted recently are GORGEOUS :heart:
world-of-zekira's avatar
If (....when?) I ever actually *sell* any of my World of Zekira RPG products that has ANY of your gorgeous stock in it, I will certainly dump some moneys to you :) I don't expect that to happen any time soon but there are so many great stock providers that have contributed to the manips and linearts that I've put into the project, and yes I've kept track. :)

You keep taking gorgeous pictures, we'll keep using them and donating!
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As a traditional artist; thank you for providing amazing reference material! It is much appreciated.
Nikkayla's avatar
I think my heart just exploded with this information on commercial images; thank you so so so much! I will be sure to be donating points when I use your stock for commissions because it is super awesome and this is such a lovely gesture so thank so very much!

:D Tis super excite! Thank you!
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Zählen Wattpad Covers auch zu den Layouts? :) oder darf ich Bilder für Wattpadcover benutzen? Natürlich würde ich auch drauf schreiben, dass das Bild von euch ist ;)
Werner-Park-EC's avatar
Hey there! 
I'm helping a friend make an advertisment to sell her HARPG horse and I'd like to use a digital drawing that I referenced from your stock images in the advertisement, would that be okay?
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Thank you for having such detailed stock rules! :)
HotrodsImpulse's avatar
Love your stock! I will give proper credit when its done and link back to the art piece off of da. <3
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Great images and excellent FAQs. My daughter is just starting PS CC2015 and loves your horses :-) I'll credit if I post her final work somewhere as well as here to make sure I've done it all right. Many thanks!
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Ich bin mir etwas unsicher, deshalb frage ich sicherheitshalber einfach nach: Ist es erlaubt, die Bilder auf einem "virtuellem Reiterhof" zu nutzen? Ich würde deine Bilder nämlich gerne auf einem Gestüt im Spiel On The Bit verwenden, da es sich jedoch von Howrse etc. ziemlich unterscheidet, bin ich hier etwas unsicher.
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Would tracing for payment for harpg activities be okay?It wouldn't be for real currency, simply a picture in payment for a breeding slot. (I figured that I should ask because, well, better safe than sorry :) (Smile) )
LuDa-Stock's avatar
When it's more artistic impact than just tracing the lines (e.g. Coloring, shading oder partly changing the pose, then it's all fine.
NeptuneDivinity's avatar
Okay! :) (Smile) (and thank you for replying so quickly!)
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