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Our aim is to bring support and exposure to Artist's within the community for their beautiful work through features, and requests.

A group that you want to come back to time and time again!:gallery:



This group is dedicated to Beautiful, High Quality Photography!

We love images that are incredible to look at, a group of Professional work.


:bulletred: Work MUST have at least 30 favs to make it into the group, It allows us the ability to filter through work set apart for the highest of Quality.
  • Photographs should be clear and not blurry, they WILL be declined.
  • No multiple submissions of the same image that are almost identical. Please submit the best one.
  •  We encourage you to submit current works, no photography older than a year, people enjoy viewing the newest of work. Thank you.


:bulletred: You can submit three (3) pieces per day per folder
  • You must have a minimum of FIVE (5) pieces of work in your gallery that is relevant to this group.
  • Submissions must be your own work.
  • No obtrusive watermarks that spoil the viewing experience of the work. For example the DA watermark or large signatures.
  • No political messages or street violence.
  • No Photography with mature filters.
  • No works that depict animal cruelty
  • No animals eating other animals.
  • No gravestones or burial sites


Please take care to select the correct folder when you submit your work.

~  We encourage you to submit your best works. We don’t accept clutter in the background, or work that we consider to be not your best. Thank you.

~  In the event of us becoming aware of deliberate copyright infringement relating to the theft of other DA members work, the member will be banned without notice. 

Group Administrators:

~ Reserve the right to display what we consider appropriate for this group

~ Reserve the right to decline content that we don’t consider to be suitable and/or appropriate for this group.

~ Reserve the right to remove, without notice, artworks that are accidentally accepted or found to be unsuitable.

~ Won’t enter into discussions about reasons for declining. We will refer you to the rules.

     lucytherescuedcat Founder. I love deviantART!


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