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Sometimes I can only stand and stare by LawrenceCornellPhoto Sometimes I can only stand and stare :iconlawrencecornellphoto:LawrenceCornellPhoto 365 51 It's time to dream. by LawrenceCornellPhoto It's time to dream. :iconlawrencecornellphoto:LawrenceCornellPhoto 400 41 laghi di fusine by roblfc1892 laghi di fusine :iconroblfc1892:roblfc1892 340 25 Oxarafoss by roblfc1892 Oxarafoss :iconroblfc1892:roblfc1892 400 23 Golden dawn. by LawrenceCornellPhoto Golden dawn. :iconlawrencecornellphoto:LawrenceCornellPhoto 799 91 Woods of Reflection by JustinDeRosa Woods of Reflection :iconjustinderosa:JustinDeRosa 198 13 A Sunrise in the Burrens by NicolasAlexanderOtto A Sunrise in the Burrens :iconnicolasalexanderotto:NicolasAlexanderOtto 411 40 fredvang by roblfc1892 fredvang :iconroblfc1892:roblfc1892 518 34 I dream with my eyes open. by LawrenceCornellPhoto I dream with my eyes open. :iconlawrencecornellphoto:LawrenceCornellPhoto 416 44 Putting me on hold by LawrenceCornellPhoto Putting me on hold :iconlawrencecornellphoto:LawrenceCornellPhoto 355 37 Unknown Germany pt. CCCLXII by TheChosenPesssimist Unknown Germany pt. CCCLXII :iconthechosenpesssimist:TheChosenPesssimist 495 28 Waterfall of the Gods by Dave-Derbis Waterfall of the Gods :icondave-derbis:Dave-Derbis 242 24 The angels cry by VDragosPhotography The angels cry :iconvdragosphotography:VDragosPhotography 107 102 Big ice by LawrenceCornellPhoto Big ice :iconlawrencecornellphoto:LawrenceCornellPhoto 260 32 Blood Wolf Moon by newcastlemale Blood Wolf Moon :iconnewcastlemale:newcastlemale 2,100 486
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Haunter of Dreams PAGE 08 by AlectorFencer Haunter of Dreams PAGE 08 :iconalectorfencer:AlectorFencer 780 30 In your hands 03 by LimKis In your hands 03 :iconlimkis:LimKis 1,473 35 Close To My Heart - SpeedPaint by GoldenDruid Close To My Heart - SpeedPaint :icongoldendruid:GoldenDruid 438 44 Eurasian Eagle Owl by josephinekazuki Eurasian Eagle Owl :iconjosephinekazuki:josephinekazuki 148 14 Watch the Butterfly by vanndra Watch the Butterfly :iconvanndra:vanndra 128 72 The calm after the storm by BGai The calm after the storm :iconbgai:BGai 840 59 Ra by kenket Ra :iconkenket:kenket 1,928 47 Simba by josephinekazuki Simba :iconjosephinekazuki:josephinekazuki 88 8 Tiger by SalamanDra-S Tiger :iconsalamandra-s:SalamanDra-S 412 13 Like the Sun by CelticBotan Like the Sun :iconcelticbotan:CelticBotan 218 6 Light in the darkness by Ellysiumn Light in the darkness :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,381 161 Cute Fox by Jimking Cute Fox :iconjimking:Jimking 165 0 Happy Birthday Bronwyn! by vanndra Happy Birthday Bronwyn! :iconvanndra:vanndra 89 68 Lechuza by YunaXD Lechuza :iconyunaxd:YunaXD 497 44 Colored pencil drawing: Captain Marvel and Goose by JasminaSusak Colored pencil drawing: Captain Marvel and Goose :iconjasminasusak:JasminaSusak 396 48
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The calm before the sun. by LawrenceCornellPhoto The calm before the sun. :iconlawrencecornellphoto:LawrenceCornellPhoto 430 47
Recent Favorites
Here are a few from my recent favorites. I do hope that you enjoy them :)
:iconvanndra:vanndra 15 40
How long till the morning breaks?
Hello everybody. Here I am back at home after my Scottish adventure. How wonderful it was to get away and find myself in the mountains again. It has been six months since I have been in the arms of nature. It was a long six months I can tell you. You only really know how much you needed the break when you arrive and you take a deep breath and open your eyes. It was a week of almost unrelenting sunshine which may not have been my first choice but you take the weather you are given. Funnily enough it was the same when I was there last May. What are the chances of having two weeks like this in Scotland? I'm certain the Scots were delighted to have such a week to enjoy so I won't complain. 
I visited my favourite boat twice in the week. The first time I walked from Fort William around the shoreline. This took a little longer than I thought and I arrived in late morning with a very high sun beating down. I still took a few pictures though. I came back on the Tuesday evening on my way b
:iconlawrencecornellphoto:LawrenceCornellPhoto 34 45
Olly by Arkus83 Olly :iconarkus83:Arkus83 402 28
Thank You Everyone!
Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes,
gifts, points, flowers and cake!

summer linden at spring time by MT-Photografien
Birthday Gift May by Maria-Schreuders
photo 2019-05-16 12-30-15. by vafiehya
Sleepy head by DDimitri16
Happy Early Birthday Penny by DDimitri16
Happy Birthday MYPeanutGallery. by catdragon4
Dressed In Blue For The Birthdays For You by TeaPhotography
:iconmypeanutgallery:MYPeanutGallery 16 28
splendor III by corniger-aries splendor III :iconcorniger-aries:corniger-aries 52 6 You can lean on me, bro by VDragosPhotography You can lean on me, bro :iconvdragosphotography:VDragosPhotography 341 139
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Our thanks to all of these artists that have contributed to our galleries.
You are all wonderful artists.
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   Squirrel 2 by Berlin-SteglitzTiger painting by Amayensis-Fireheart Ardeola ralloides by Boban-Savic-Geto   Puppy's Affection by sphelon8565 
:iconmockingbirdontree:mockingbirdontree 30 100
Colourful Spring... by Tigles1Artistry Colourful Spring... :icontigles1artistry:Tigles1Artistry 112 173
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Wet Monday II by Onistocke Forest Explorer by Onistocke
Cat Family 2 by LewiARTs Vagabond II by LewiARTs
Ginger Cat by PaulaDarwinkel Dodo by PaulaDarwinkel
Spike Intense by MotorCrazy Cammy Close-up by MotorCrazy
Nina by Arkus83 Meringue by Arkus83
Nina by Arkus83 Burrito by Arkus83
Tiger by hoschie Kaplan and Pirat by hoschie
I am close to the eyes of my cat by JenniferWallura Reflections in the Eye by JenniferWallura
pussy by Perseus67 Diva by Perseus67
Wild cat. by Csyyt Darjou by Arkus83

Dolly - is it safe now? by RafaeldeBono Dog in park 3 by RafaeldeBono
Dolly 2.5.19 by RafaeldeBono 
:icondieffi:Dieffi 16 41
Close To My Heart - SpeedPaint by GoldenDruid Close To My Heart - SpeedPaint :icongoldendruid:GoldenDruid 438 44 Silent Conversations by Pajunen Silent Conversations :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,399 284 In your hands 03 by LimKis In your hands 03 :iconlimkis:LimKis 1,473 35 Haunter of Dreams PAGE 08 by AlectorFencer Haunter of Dreams PAGE 08 :iconalectorfencer:AlectorFencer 780 30
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CatCatalogue Vol.#62

Wed May 22, 2019, 8:45 PM

When We Open Our Minds To The Unlimited Creative Power,
We Will Call Forth Abundance And See 
And Experience A Whole New World.

Pizza warmer by Chiakiro
         Mac and Toby by FleetingEmber          Ra by kenket
Inspiration Expiration by AquaSixio
          Oracle Dragon Room Guardian by AnyaBoz          The Hoch Owls by IkazuDasWhale
Toy Fox by YuliaLeonovich
Autumn Leaves by sandara
          crystalline by Apofiss          Hiss by Finchwing
pet, feed and... by Apofiss
          Magic in the Forest by Nele-Diel          Golden Amur by RAPHTOR
Alone at nightfall by Ellysiumn
Grookey Speedpaint by arvalis
        Rearing Tiger by ARVEN92          Sheltie by Chickenbusiness
Without her crown by ChristinaMandy
          No, I AM NOT HYSTERICAL at all!!!!!!!!!! by woxys           Heavenly Guide by Dopaprime
Hang On Tight Now by Mouselemur
Night dance by ElenaDudina
        Leopard - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts          Lavender love by LaYue
Young Tiger by Vawie-Art
          The Spirits: Moon and Sun by CaelGibran          Black and White Longhair by FleetingEmber
Galaxy Whale -DD- by mumu0909
Bird lady by Ellysiumn
          Timeless by JoeyJazz          Eagle Fly Free by BeckyKidus
Maisa by Pajunen
          Heron by Valentina-Remenar          Toy Lemur catta by YuliaLeonovich
Tiger by HodariNundu
Oracle Dragon Room Guardian by AnyaBoz
         Needle Felted Siberian husky by YuliaLeonovich          Purple heathers by Martith
A Beautiful Mind by Unkopierbar
          Burst by Dae-Thalin          Bunny Cloud by Ephaistien
Corgi Beach Day by snatti89
Practice of the day - Affinity by Roiuky
           Fanart: San from Princess Mononoke by Jyundee          The Arrow of Rising Sun by deskridge
The Little One by montag451
          Best Friends by Wolfskuss          Angels on My Shoulder, Elegant Woman Portrait Art by shibashake
Red Pandas heart shaped keychain by ChibiPyro
A Moment of Peace by Nambroth
         Gesa 7 by EdgedFeather          waterfall by Noctualis
Nasira by makangeni
          Showing Your Stripes by JoePingleton          Siberian tiger / Panthera tigris altaica by HunkUmbrella2
Day and Night love by hontor
Next Stop Wonderland by Mr-Ripley
         Callas by Arkus83          -= Com: Max =- by Naia-Art
Howling about Freedom by hontor
          Heart Box  Wolves marquetry by ChibiPyro          Trees are the Best by Onistocke
Wild Spirits by Wolfskuss
Sky by NesoKaiyoH
        Persepolis, Arabian horse by Nightmare-v          Sun Catcher [PATREON REWARD] by ARVEN92
My Lavender Hiding Place by angrymikko
          Needle Felted Brooch Fox by YuliaLeonovich          Risa by makangeni
Part of the Pack by Queen-Kitty
Olly by Arkus83
            Night cat by tamaraR          Grumpy Goodbye by TrollGirl
Grey Day Gift by Nambroth
          Young Long-tailed tit by Missy-MooMoo          Adorable Dog by makiskan
Happy Ways by Mouselemur
Happy Mother's Day by class-pessimist
         Scar 2019 by KhaliaArt          Cayuga by AngelaRizza
Blythe and Solace by ibbeltje-com
          Kiri by steffchep          Landing by kippycube
Game of Thrones: Ghost by oxpecker
Huschke by LewiARTs
      Close To My Heart - SpeedPaint by GoldenDruid          Golden Lioness by oxpecker
Female Orange-tip by Missy-MooMoo
          Cat Family 9 - A young cat's life by LewiARTs          Garfield by TheEmpatheticCat
Look At My New Feathers by vanndra
Cool in the Shade by Onistocke
        I am gonna catch you! by Wolfskuss          Crested gecko by nakkimo
Freedom artwork || Photoshop tutorial light things by mohamedsaberartist
          Austere by DDimitri16          Emergence by l-Zoopy-l
splendor III by corniger-aries
The dream of the gorilla by Dom2691

Stand-Out-Shots Vol.#4

Wed May 15, 2019, 10:25 PM

Bamburgh Castle by newcastlemale
         Vintage cats by Pajunen          plitvicka jezera by roblfc1892
Buachaille Etive Mor by newcastlemale
          Elf Princess by MariannaInsomnia          I believe I can fly by ratinrage
I am gonna catch you! by Wolfskuss
Maisa by Pajunen
       Kauppatori Market Place in Helsinki by Pajunen          Spring fairy (me modeling) by gestiefeltekatze
Yellow field by thefirebomb
          Catwoman by MariannaInsomnia          Dusky Pillar by Dee-T
Spred your wings by thefirebomb
Blue and Gold by Dee-T
          Female Wagler's Pit Viper - Tropidolaemus wagleri by melvynyeo          Smooch by robbobert
Wild Spirits by Wolfskuss
          Bluebell Season by dblasphemy          Rocky Creek by Dee-T
. . . by Alexey-Argentum
Open Path by helios-spada
       Finally a rainy day by woxys          I'll Tell The World by Mouselemur
In nature I believe II by borda
          Back to Misurina by Sergiba          # Lilac by Mishkina
Maybe this is what heaven looks like by RavenMontoya
Callas by Arkus83
        Il etait une fois by DavidMnr         Wild Rabbit by JulianRad
Anne by Hart-Worx
          Divinity by FrancescaAmyMaria          Tim by sollenafotografie
Hoodoo Labyrinth by boldfrontiers
Dorwin Falls - Pink Fantasy by boldfrontiers
         Wide See Reflections by MarvinDiehl          ... by vvola
Skyfalls by Miguel-Santos
          le Chateau de Nyon vue de Profile by LePtitSuisse1912          love by sollenafotografie
bled by roblfc1892
Sweet May by Pajunen
          Common greenshank in the evening by Sergey-Ryzhkov          1220 by miobi
Up and away by Inthepoole
          Prelude III by Sigfodr          Sunny Day by Mars-Hill
Jokulsarlon 21 by CitizenFresh
TW:WH - Triss by MilliganVick
       # Flowers of Spring by Mishkina          Curled Kitsune by Jack-13
reynisfjara by roblfc1892
          Waiting for the wind by borda          Cherry Blossom by DarkVenusPersephonae
Birthday Boy by Hestefotograf
I sat staring... by cricketumpire
        Sunflowers by Vitskog          Sahara by Hestefotograf
Whispers Of Dementia (WAB6980) by WayneBenedet
          Not all was lost by Unkopierbar          Old Man (WAB6242) by WayneBenedet
Pause in flight... by cricketumpire
Signs Along My Way by SvenMueller
       A New Dream by JustinDeRosa          Tulip Kiss by thefirebomb
the sunbather by MT-Photografien
          summer linden at spring time by MT-Photografien          Unknown Germany pt. CCCLXXXIII by TheChosenPesssimist
1281 A peaceful lake by RealMantis
a Leaf by Tb--Photography
       Bog Heaven by jonathanjessup          Gentle Awakening by wiwionart
Colourful Spring... by Tigles1Artistry
          Canyon Cedar by jonathanjessup          Nouchka by Arkus83
Mirage II. by realityDream
At twilight... by jaco353
        Dans un rayon de soleil by DavidMnr         Blossom by thefirebomb
Along the lake by dashakern
          The Kiss by snomanda          Oh full of scorpions is my mind... by Ceecore
Brightcolpic 458 by Brightcol
High... by Inthepoole
       Double boop by KristynaKvapilova          Spot au Poste de Surveillance by LePtitSuisse1912
Juveninkoski by mabuli
          Hverarond  18 -the beauty of the earth by CitizenFresh          Hellowwww by ratinrage
At sunrise by gustiidiaz
The Ocean by Vitaly-Sokol
      Common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) by Azph          Kitty by Lain-AwakeAtNight
Daria sunset by darkelfphoto
        You can shine by JustinDeRosa         Lisbon 185 by JACAC
We Serve No One by vishstudio
Summer Wheatlands XXIX. by realityDream


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Thanks for you're Support by funkypunk2

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autumn by Catatombi

My name is Michelle,

I love cats and spending time with our cat Lucy, she came to us abandoned, pregnant and sick. We gave her new health and a real home full of love. We watched as the real beauty of Lucy would unfold! She has been featured as cat of the day! She is truely a gem! She is very social and has the sweetest personality! We are so greatful that she came to brighten our lives. We did not give up on this troubled little kitten that no one wanted. "Oh, how this sweet, rescued cat captured our hearts!
BlackBlue divider by Thomashir
I also have an eye for Beautiful Photography with the privilege of being a Featurist in several groups. All in part to the wonderful people who believed in me! From the Admins to the Artist's. Thank you so very much!

Welcome to my page, that I titled "lucy the rescued cat! I hope that you enjoy her photographs as well as some talented Artist's featured.

stalker cat by rosariocentralplz stamp :: cat lover by octobre-rouge stamp: Surprise Kitteh 1 by SimbiAni DA Stamp - Nature 01 by tppgraphics Thank You... by jennyleigh Save the Tiger Stamp by HeWhoWalksWithTigers DA Stamp - Inspiration 01 by tppgraphics Encourage others stamp by Ramen27 I love dA groups stamp by KillboxGraphics



Awarded 7/1/16


:iconlotus105: :iconglo-he: :iconrickochet12: :iconroxan1930: :icongustiidiaz:

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Colourful Spring... by Tigles1Artistry
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Much appreciate the fave Michelle

White and Pink Flowers Thanks by recycledrelatives
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fce_44__1___convertido__by_creaciones_jean_dczxiij by Doll-Ladi  
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Thanks sooo much for your kind generosity….
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