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I walk the streets, unseen, unheard by everyone
But I see, and I hear, and I see –
The girl with dead eyes, with scars on her body and her soul
The boy who gets less every day, but still feels he’s too much
The girl thinking she’s a freak because she’d rather kiss her best friend than the boys who keep sending her messages
The mother losing herself desperately trying to shield her child from the evils of this world
The man feeling broken when his friends talk about all the times they’ve been with women
The child who hates every time the teacher parts the class in boys and girls
The boy whose mouth dries out and who starts trembling whenever someone wants him to speak
The girl with the dying body, fearing the day she’ll lose her fight
The father who buries himself in work but it’s still not enough, it’s never enough
The woman who talks too much, too little, who never quite fit in
The child who dreams of wonders and magic, never wanting to grow up
– all those people with broken wings, falling, falling, falling.
I see, and I hear, and for once I wish I could speak –
Your scars might stay, but you can take back your life and the stars will shine from your eyes again
You are never too much and you deserve your space, you deserve the whole universe
Your love is beautiful, and pure and there are people who will love you back
You need to take care of yourself, too, you are already doing all you can and you will see it pay of
You are not heartless and you are not unnatural, there are plenty of ways to love and they are all beautiful
You will understand one day that you don’t have to chose, and everything will suddenly be crystal clear
You can find your voice, even if it’s not by speaking, and you will be understood
You are strong and you will make every day of your life worthwhile
You already are enough, you always were, and you will always be
You will find true friends who cherish you for who you are, and you’ll finally feel like you have found home
You can keep your dreams, the magic will grow with you and it will become even more wonderful, you won’t ever have to give it up –
Because I have seen so many people with broken wings learning to fly again–
You can, too.
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Submitted on
January 13, 2016


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