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Lycunadari by Lucyndaria Lycunadari :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 1 0
All those people with broken wings
I walk the streets, unseen, unheard by everyone
But I see, and I hear, and I see –
The girl with dead eyes, with scars on her body and her soul
The boy who gets less every day, but still feels he’s too much
The girl thinking she’s a freak because she’d rather kiss her best friend than the boys who keep sending her messages
The mother losing herself desperately trying to shield her child from the evils of this world
The man feeling broken when his friends talk about all the times they’ve been with women
The child who hates every time the teacher parts the class in boys and girls
The boy whose mouth dries out and who starts trembling whenever someone wants him to speak
The girl with the dying body, fearing the day she’ll lose her fight
The father who buries himself in work but it’s still not enough, it’s never enough
The woman who talks too much, too little, who never quite fit in
The child who dreams of wonders and magic, never wanting to
:iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 1 0
Arlen by Lucyndaria Arlen :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 2 0 Party Preparations by Lucyndaria Party Preparations :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 0 2 Illidan by Lucyndaria Illidan :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 3 0 Kiwi Rider by Lucyndaria Kiwi Rider :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 2 13 The Remaining. by Lucyndaria The Remaining. :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 0 2 Spring by Lucyndaria Spring :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 1 0 Picnic by Lucyndaria Picnic :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 5 0
Did you ever...
Did you ever follow a trail in the woods
Where no sun lights the path
And moss covers stones, floor and trees
Believing it would lead to
It never did.
Did you ever place your hand on the mirror
Staring at your reflection
And focusing hard on what you saw
Expecting your image to move
It never did.
Did you ever jump off a wall
With a cloth around your shoulders
And your arms spread wide
Waiting for the day to come where you could
It never did.
Did you ever lay awake at night
Listening to the sounds of darkness
And imagining another world
Hoping your dreams would turn to
They never did.
Did you ever paint a picture
Of the friends inside your head
And looked at it every day
Dreaming of them finally coming to
They never did.
Did you ever walk in the rain
With tears in your eyes
And sadness in your heart
Despairing because magic does not
It never did.
Did you ever stop
Because I never di
:iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 5 4
At work by Lucyndaria At work :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 1 2 Pretty by Lucyndaria Pretty :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 3 0
Would anyone notice?
What if I just stopped speaking
Like birds in winter
Would anyone notice?
What if I just sat down quietly
Walked the halls silently
Spent my time
Not calling
Not asking
Not talking
While my soul trembles
And my heart shivers
Would anyone notice?
Would anyone care?
What if I turned invisible
Like ghosts in stories
Would anyone notice?
What if I just sat down unseen
Walked the halls unnoticed
Spent my time
Not waving
Not pointing
Not gesturing
While my soul hides
And my heart cries
Would anyone notice?
Would anyone care?
What if I just disappeared
Like mist in the morning sun
Would anyone notice?
Just another empty chair
An empty hall
An empty life
No love
No fear
No grief
While my soul turned to stone
And my heart turned to ice
Would anyone notice?
Would anyone care?
   Would anyone notice?
   Would anyone care?
:iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 2 3
Don't speak by Lucyndaria Don't speak :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 1 4 Marnel by Lucyndaria Marnel :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 15 21 Pumpkin by Lucyndaria Pumpkin :iconlucyndaria:Lucyndaria 3 4


A Train Ride Home
  "How did the 'discovering your past' thing go?"
  "Not as I expected. I almost wish I never found out."
  Frost leaned into the transdimensional train seat. He inhaled deeply before continuing. "The people I knew still recognized my voice, but… they're scared of me now… especially by how I grew from around five feet tall to over seven feet tall. Which explains why I could barely walk when you first rescued me, by the way."
  Tracker's frown deepened. "Are feet a human measurement?"
  "Sorry, yeah, that's a human height measurement." Frost broke eye contact to stare at his lap. "Rephrased, really short to really tall. Reaching average unit height is a massive problem in humans. They… we— um… humans tend not to reach six feet tall. I get other units think you're short, but to humans, you're the opposite. You're a bit over six feet."
  He saw Tracker slowly nod from the corner of his vision. "They w
:iconnbville:nbville 3 1
Mossbird by Kaytara Mossbird :iconkaytara:Kaytara 15 4 Drawing Hands by Majnouna Drawing Hands :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 13,276 923 Drawing Feet by Majnouna Drawing Feet :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 6,622 393 Adult Saria from Zelda: Ocarina of Time by Firefly-Path Adult Saria from Zelda: Ocarina of Time :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 2,217 66 Stylus Ghost by Lyraina Stylus Ghost :iconlyraina:Lyraina 256 27 Thin Ice by Cyan707 Thin Ice :iconcyan707:Cyan707 281 51 It's Okay by e-petals It's Okay :icone-petals:e-petals 27 2 5 years by GlassMouse89 5 years :iconglassmouse89:GlassMouse89 4 2
About Units
If you got here from Tumblr, I really, really appreciate you checking this out :'>
And interacting with the post in any way (likes included) will be taken as interest, which means the world to me because units are literally a special interest of mine...
The following is a basic summary. I did my best to condense everything for length and easier reading purposes, so it might not seem as in-depth as it is, but I assure you a lot of thought was put into everything here.
-phrase = main bullet point
       -phrase = elaborating on the main bullet point
-Units are beings made of energy.
       -This is elaborated on later, but they're from a different dimension, and the energy they're made of doesn't exist in Earth's dimension. There's quite a lot of things unique to their dimension.
-They come in color schemes unnatural for humans. (Ex: orange skin equivalent, pink hair, etc.) They're typi
:iconvescrona:Vescrona 1 1
Environment Concept Art Yen Shu Liao Mushroom Fore by YSLiao Environment Concept Art Yen Shu Liao Mushroom Fore :iconysliao:YSLiao 10 3 Elves by GlassMouse89 Elves :iconglassmouse89:GlassMouse89 1 2 Wish you were here (color) by Lyraina
Mature content
Wish you were here (color) :iconlyraina:Lyraina 20 5
V Day Dragons by YSLiao V Day Dragons :iconysliao:YSLiao 4 0 Fairy Kitten by Kaytara Fairy Kitten :iconkaytara:Kaytara 17 0 Draco ligniformes (colour) by Kaytara Draco ligniformes (colour) :iconkaytara:Kaytara 134 13


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Thank you so much for the :+fav: of my Spirt in the Sky watercolour painting. It was an absolute brilliant photo reference and I am so glad that Peggy gave me her permission to paint from it. This was a two stage painting, background washes, foreground detailing. :-)
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I looked at the photo as well and it is indeed very pretty - as is your watercolour painting of it. ^_^
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