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Current Residence: Leeds, England
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal & Punk Rock
Favourite photographer: David Bradford
Favourite style of art: Photo Manipulation
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: Eric Cartman
Personal Quote: reißen du auseinander

Favourite Visual Artist
Louis Wain
Favourite Movies
Forrest Gump, American History X, My Girl, Titanic
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rob Zombie, Rammstein, MSI, Andrew WK, System of a Down
Favourite Writers
Sue Townsend - Writer
Favourite Games
The Sims
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
The Krays, Art, Photography, Internet, Photoshop, Knives, Movies, Decent Music & Disney

I'm Back!

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Hello guys! It's been a while hasn't it!? Sorry I haven't been on for SO long, I just don't think about deviant much haha, I'm hoping to spend more time on it again now though! I have so much to write I don't know where to start! So, in no particular order, here goes! haha. If I haven't already said, I'm back in college for yet another year! Studying Child Care this time though at the Horsforth Campus of Leeds City College. I'm loving it actually! The campus is TINY compared to the main site, It only has 1 block! :O But it's less crowded haha. Also, I'm working again! :D That's right, i'm a working woman haha. I'm at Greggs now, Arlington
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Menorca Holiday

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Sorry it's taken so long to tell you about the Menorca holiday, It's the first time i've been on Deviant since I got back. But yeah, On Tuesday 7th October we got a taxi to Leeds & Bradford airport and got on a plane to Menorca!! We got there around 3pm (4pm GMT) and had a drink in Mahon airport before going to the villa. {I have recorded a tour of the villa, It is on youtube} But yeah, The first day there and once we'd unpacked we sat at a lovely bar and had a drink. I wrote 3 postcards while we were there even though it was only the first day! (They have only recently arrived in the UK anyway!!) But yeah, I can't remember every detail an
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Wednesday: When I got on the bus to college this morning I bumped into Phil! (an old friend) and we got talking, I had a word with him about what happened with Danny and we all had a laugh because he had no idea he was my boyfriend. As far as he knew, He had gone to his house wanting smack, so him and his lads had ended up going out looking for him. But it's all sorted now they sorted it out :L Anyway, Phil said I can still call him if I have any bother or get into any trouble and him and his boys will be straight down with the 'equipment'. He also said to call him if I ever want any weed (He was my old dealer but I haven't seen him since I w
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Whoah thanks :D

I joined thank you. I didn't know which one to enter but I ended up using remember :P

Thankies anyways.
Byee x x
POETRY.COM IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!! Read about it here [link] I sent something to them and when I saw what was really going on I felt like such a fool. If you've already entered, I'm pretty sure your poetry is safe, but don't trust anything you hear back from them. I do, however, suggest teenink [link] if you haven't tried anything yet, you can submit as many pieces as you want for free and if they are published you get a free copy of the magazine (which isn't the highest quality, but hey, it's free, you can say you've been published, and at least it's legitament) I've been published through them twice so far (though I've probably submitted at least a dozen pieces over the years).

Always do some research before entering any writing or art contest though.

Now on to what I originally came to say...

You are a great poet. :) You can be both very dark (which isn't in and of itself either a good thing or bad), and very sweet, you use some very powerful imagery, and very lyrical (which can be wonderful juxtaposed with the darker images).

One thing I will say (that was said to me my first year in poetry slam and has helped immensely) is to try to experiment with breaking out of the more rigid rhyme and meter, because though it's effective it can be easy for the reader/listener to get caught up in the rhythm and stop paying attention to the words. It's really fun to just mess around with breaking up the timing of something, or rhyming some but not other parts of a piece. And if you haven't, I also suggest trying out some more rigid forms -- your current style would work really well in a pantoum, and you might have fun with villanelles also.

Umm, that was a really long comment. I hope it helps though, you have a lot going for you and I would love to see you grow.

LOL! Don't worry about it :P
Thankies! :';) I'm glad you likes them, hehe.
Yeah I will give experimenting a go, Thanks :)
I submitted one onto that poetry site thing though! S Oops, lol
They won't claim it their own will they??

xx lucy xx
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That was a really long comment... sorry :blush:
HELLO -random sensible person that commented on ~Thaylia3's journal before i did-

your going on my watch list now :evillaugh: :)
Yey! My Avatar's finally changed! lol. Probably changed Sunday morning or something but i've been busy pissin it up since friday. lol