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Just devote yourself to drive



First time that I draw this pairing, they look so cute together! (even she is a b*tch)
And this is the first time that I draw a car... it's look so misshapen...:iconrarityfacedeskplz: please, kill me...
The hands... I hate draw hands... Thanks so much Leo, thanks for help me with the hands positions! (if you want to know, Leo is my brother in law XD)
Well, I'll start with a big project so maybe I'll be absent,(I said maybe Jake Icon *Free to Use by royal-tarts) so, do not miss me(?
Cariñosa mente, tu PONY SALVAJE :iconpinkiepieplz: (?:iconrigbywtfplz:
Hope you like it! :iconfluttershysmileplz:

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Before flash sentry was to dump sunset shimmer and date twilight when those hope he had made some modifications to his camaro when there was exhaust cutouts installed as when they were in the open position making the engine sound like it has open headers when there is cases the cutouts made the side curtain airbags deploy.