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Friends, you are in my life

...And you can count on me to be there by your side.
Merry Christmas everypony!:iconadorablepinkieplz: 
I'm so glad Q u Q, so much feelings!…
:icontomboypegasister01: Thank you so much!!!
Contest entry for this group :iconequestriagirls:
I don't know from where Twilight is, make your theory!
Please, forgive me if you see a fail in it :iconpinkiedoublefacehoof:
Sorry if i have mistakes, is just i don't know so much English :iconpinkiepiesad:
Cariñosamente, tu PONY SALVAJE :iconpinkiepieplz: (?:iconrigbywtfplz:
Hope you like it! :iconfluttershysmileplz:
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This is seriously cute and lovely. Nice work.
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Please tell me that Twilight is pony Twilight.
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this is what the christmas comic should have been about instead of a retread of ponyville confidential turning everyone (except for sunset and twilight) into unsympathetic jerks idw needs to make another equestria girls christmas comic and get it right this time or hasbro can make a equestria girls christmas special and be about christmas not about high school drama if i want high school drama i'll watch 90210.
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So sweet and adorable!
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D'awww, it's so sweet <3
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Sunset: Thank you. Thank you all, I'm grateful for this.

Twilight: No.............thank you Sunny.

AJ: You've always been the voice of reason, even in the darkest of times.

Rarity: Guiding us through our problems along side Twilight.

Pinkie: Keeping us happy as we come and go.

Fluttershy: Understanding how we felt as we adventured on through the uncharted areas.

RD: And being the best friend that anyone could ever ask for.

Sunset:(tears up in happiness)

Nyx: Even though sometimes you had to make a hard decision, you carried on.

Button Mash: Fighting all those bad guys just like in my video games.

Sweetie Belle: Singing cheerful songs for all the sad ponies.

Discord: Reforming all who have been lost in the darkness.

Applebloom: Even though many weren't willing to be reformed.....

Scootaloo: You still strived to do the right thing.

Diamond Tiara: Though we say things that we don't mean about you.

Silver Spoon: We will always love you no matter what happens.

Octavia Melody: Through harmony and chaos.

Cheese Sandwich: You will always find that their is someone out there.

Lyra: Who will be family to the very end.

Bonbon: And which we will be grateful for.

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Sunny's the bane of the mane 7, the voice of reason

She'd always be there for the girls
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That's so sweet! :D
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Daww How Sweet~ :heart:
Fantastic Job! ;D
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Ur very Welcome! ;D
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OMG!!! I love this comic so much and sunset is so cute here. I also love the outfits you gave them. Great job. :)
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Sunset Shimmer has the greatest gifts of all.
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