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Fighting Greyback

By Lucy--C
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Neville and Ron VS Fenrir Greyback - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, final part of the battle of Hogwarts (sorry for the lack of background).

Not sure about Neville still having the sword with him, but we see it beside him after the battle, so it's reasonable - and I don't know what kind of spell Ron is using against Greyback, but for some strange reason I picture it with a PINK light. :D

(My next fanart will probably have Bellatrix in it :fuzzydemon:)
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I would have used a kill spell on him.
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Maybe a Kill Spell?
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Techniqully the sword is made out of silver
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Dolohov's spell used a pink or purple beam, although I think it was more jagged or lightning-like.

Wouldn't that be hilarious. Hermione is nearly killed by that spell in OOTP and Ron uses it to destroy Greyback. Thing is, I don't know if he had the opportunity to learn the incantation.

Did Greyback drop his wand at some point? He had one in Malfoy Manor.

BTW, your Greyback looks like a monk.
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About the wand, I've wondered that myself - he could have dropped it just a second before this scene, or that's what I thought when I decided not to draw it.
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Strange postures and slighly changed style for the figures... They are more roundy and short than you use to make them... :hmm: But it's really good...

And, gosh, I love your Greyback! :w00t: You should do bierded people more ofter... And the greenish shade of his fave... He's greta! :clap:

And pink goes for Tonks! [subconciously...:shrug:]
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I know, they look short because of perspective - I HATE perspective, I draw once in a while, so I have no time/interest for improving much, lol... My next drawing will be Bellatrix VS Ginny, Luna, Hermione... but no feet this time, I'm cutting them from the picture! :D

I like your interpretation of the pink spell!!! subconsciously...:lmao:
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I really didn't get that it was perspective... :blushes:

Feet cutting! :w00t: But why? You make good feet...:D
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They're horrible! But if it's dark you don't notice :D
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Or you can put ruins... You know,Battle of Hogwarts and so...
Or smoke for effe! :lmao:

But they are good anyway...
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Fantastic! I love the light, and the texture and how real it looks.. Oh an neville :D
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I am guessing Neville is one of your fave characters! Right??? Brilliantly done!!!
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Haha, what makes you think that? :giggle: :lmao:
Thank you so much :-)
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Let me think... :slow: Maybe Luna and Neville???? Btw, I have to confess I loved them as a couple. I am really sorry it didn`t happen... do you like them together??? I love both!!! :giggle:
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I like the couple, but I can see why JKR didn't make it happen: this way it's more realistic - I mean, both Harry and Ron married the girls they met at 11... :roll: (although I have to say that Luna/Neville makes a lot more sense than most of the other non-canon couples)
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Lol, it makes sence... a lot more than couples like Severus/Students/profesors/WoopingWillow/etc! I`ve even heard of Dobby/Hagrid!!

I actually like Neville and Ginny went to the Yule Ball together !!! :heart: I loved them in GOF!!! :date: :giggle:

And Luna and Harry dating!!!:date: :heart: Cuteness!!!!
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awesome!! my two favorite guys in harry potter, battling one of my least favorites....<3

this is really cool, great job. yeah, whatever ron's spell is, it looks pretttty haha
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Yay, first comment! This is nice. You really did make Greyback look wolfish, and you're really good at drawing spells. I like how you draw Ron, too - and you're good with making the characters look beaten-up and kind of messy when drawing them during and after the battle. It always strikes me as silly when artists draw the characters looking pristine and perfect during a battle scene. Especially when the book explicitely SAYS that Neville was already beaten up from being tortured by the Carrows.
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Thanks!! :-) And I agree with you.
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