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This is a poster to the new webcomic "Requiem aeternam" (requiem-aeternam.net/comic/the… ).
It shows a so called "changed one". These poor beings don't have high social standard, because the Rakksha church declares them as impure and even evil.
This guys wife was pregnant, but her change would cause both her and the unborn child to die. He heard from the sacred water the priests sell in the churchly capital. But as always these kind of relics are expensive and they denied to give him the water. Completely uncomprehending that this was their final decision he grabbed one of the priests at his robe.
He is now in jail for a life threatening attack against a church dignitary and is soon to be executed.

The original is a little bigger than A3 and colored with watercolors.

Its a remake from this picture: lucrai-arts.deviantart.com/art…

Any comments and thoughs concerning the picture are welcome.

If you like it, go ahead and visit our comic website!


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