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[Approved] Boots

So when International [Moth]Cat Day rolled around, I took the opportunity to turn this crazy boy into a mothcat.  This is Boots!  Or as most of us call him despite how much he hates it, Bootsie.  He lives permanently at the clinic where I work so he really belongs to all of us.  He's a beautiful classic tabby with a big, strikingly clear, bullseye on his side.  He's an absolute food hound and will steal any meat not guarded from him.  He's also a bit of a weirdo schizo at times, acting paranoid of all of us who work there.  He's completely good with strangers and other cats though.  Weirdo but lovable boy.  And yes, because his name is Boots, I made his wings into boots.  Because I couldn't resist the pun.  xD  Check out the real boy here and here.

Type of MYO: Common MYO
Proof of Ownership: Link
Original Designer: LuckyTigress
Theme Name: Boots Made For Walking
List of Traits Used:
Bullet; Blue Classic Antennae
Bullet; Blue Classic Eyes
Bullet; Blue Sharp Pupils
Bullet; Blue Classic Ears
Bullet; Blue Classic Mane
Bullet; Blue Classic Wings
Bullet; Blue Classic Tail

Design Notes:
Two toned coat with under coat being lighter than over coat
Under coat shows around muzzle, belly, inner legs & underside of tail
Stripe down middle of antennae
Orange-ish ring around muzzle
Big M on forehead
3 stripes on each cheek
Big & bold bullseye on side
White chin & tiny white belly
Single stripe around mane
One big stripes goes from top of head to tip of tail (under the mane)
Tail has 3 small vertical stripes near the end
Front legs have 2 stripes that go all the way around
Front legs also have 2 partial stripes
Back legs have large broken stripe on thigh
Back legs also have 1 solid stripe & 1 partial stripe
White on paws is all different amounts
Wings have shoelace design on front
Wings are blank on back

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa. You cannot make your own!

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