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Jane Lane - Daria cosplay

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Fandom: Daria (MTV)
Сharacter: Jane Lane
Cosplay by *FaultyFrame
Photo by ~AnnetVoronaya
Make up by ~Int0XiKate

© Copyright by FaultyFrame Proj.
If you want to use/repost any of our works or photos, please NOTIFY us. Not agreed reposting is not welcome. Thank you in advance.

Jane & Trent photos:

Few photos with Daria:
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© 2013 - 2022 LuckyStrikeCosplay
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So realistic that it is almost scary.
SoulForGyroMan-XOXO's avatar

No, those eyes are scary.

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Makeup is amazing
gothsamemo's avatar
holy SHIT !!!!! THIS IS AMAZING !!!!!! 
MynxTalonLoure's avatar
OMG i am so happy this cosplay happened!!
Wow...that cosplay is so good it creeps me out, I though "Oh, that's the original actor" -- before I realized the obvious. You captured the character that exactly!
creepynoodle11's avatar
c-can I have the pizza? hm? oh yeah the cosplay is awesome!! but can I have it?🍕
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You look exactly as her #1 
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I LOVE your Daria cosplays~ So perfect!^^ The only person that's done such an excellent job^^
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WOAH. These are awesome! 
hirokohinomura's avatar
i just LOVE ur daria cosplays! 
ReggieYaco's avatar
This is definitely Jane!
I don't like when people who doesn't look a like at all try to do a cosplay and the result is a total fail. But in this cas, girl, WOW! You tottaly did a great Jane there!
So cool!
Gosuto-chan's avatar
OMG!!! Very cool, I love it 
kinky-rabbit's avatar
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i really love this pic!!! is so amazing!!!
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:O This cosplay is so great!!!!!!!!!!
chibijuudaime's avatar
amazing hairstyling, makeup and espacially i like the expression
jussslic's avatar
Goes without saying that this is the best Jane cosplay ever.
evofusion's avatar
Yes. Just, yes. You are an artist.
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