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just a few stock rules and such in an easy to find location if you have specific questions leave me a note.

I have been absent for a while, if you commented on a picture it may be july before I check out your work. Please send me a note with a link to the photo instead. I may change back to the old ways once my lofe gets in order but right now it is not.

I do not care if you get prints made of my work.

I do not care if you use my art outside of DA... as long as I get credit on the site/poster/ect

I do not care if your art is edgy and controversial. in fact I will love it all the more.

I DO care if you don't put effort into your manipulation.

if you have stock requests I'm probably not ever going to get around to it. it's not that I'm trying to be a jerk, It just happens naturally as a child of my flakiness. and also I have limited model resources.

I also care if you claim my work as your own, if I'm going to get teased about having giant manly alien-like hands I want to get credit for them as well

if you have an EMERGENCY REQUEST. such as using my work for something that will make money you can e-mail me at put EMERGENCY REQUEST in the heading and make sure it also includes a question that is not covered here, not coered by common sense

if you are a contra dancer, fire performer, musician, climber, or couchsurfer you're the shit. never forget that.

if you want to suck up to me check out

<3 Leo
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I'm going to be world traveling, if your close to where I'm planing to go we can get coffee
the Locations in europe aren't set in stone, but will probably include a lot in Germany, switzerland, north italy (cinque terre) Paris, Venice, maybe norway (depends on a friend from school that actually speaks the language)

and then anyone on the Big island of hawaii

also, anyone who has WWOOFed or couch surfed... what were your experiences

stock rules are
credit and link
and manipulate in some way, don't just re-post my photos
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soooo I'm in college now. a big girl. I don't update this account ever really. I just mess around on youtube and go out in the woods and light stuff on fire (and get busted by the cops.. *_*)

sometimes I do homework

If you want to see my art it's

if you want my rules...
manipulate the photo IN SOME WAY so that I can actually tell it's manipulated
credit me in your description
send me a link
  • Listening to: Sweeny todd
  • Reading: Momo
  • Eating: Salsa
  • Drinking: water
It really was about time I updated this

For those of you looking for rules just credit and link. I prefer my art not to be used in hate messages, but art is art (except Duchamp's "fountain" that is a sideways urinal)

I took this from Fat-Turkey

1. All I want is an apology. it's not childish, you messed up, say you're sorry!

2. I'm so so so sorry. Even though you don't know that I did anything wrong. I know that I did.

3. If you don't stop with the "I'm so fat" comments you are going to give me an eating disorder. You're old enough to know that it's not polite. And you've known me long enough to know how sensitive I am to that

4. I love you. in a small, middle school, childish kind of way. I'm worried that something will happen with us because I've done so much bad and Karma will get me.

5. I feel kind of bad for calling you a "heinous and undesirable person" but you were being one. I don't like being called stupid. I don't like being flicked. I don't like being bossed around. I told you to stop. twice. yes, the second time I was mean about it but why were you flicking me in the first place? When you call me stupid I'd like to point out that I saved your ass when you were presenting, and I hadn't even read the chapter.
scratch that. I don't feel bad. you needed to hear it

6. We are so similar. You are making the same mistake. It hurts to see that.

7. You are the best dancer at contra. I look forward to every Thursday. Except the ones where you are to drunk to stand up let alone dance...

8. You have lost it. You are an amazing person, but it is so hard to relate to someone who is on so many drugs they can't remember conversations. It makes me feel like I am wasting my time when I talk to you. Feeling that way about you makes me so sad.

9. You said you've stopped. I find it hard to believe. You just did it for so long. I hope it's true

10. I look forward to your lessons. I've learned so much from each one.

I tag Any one who has a DA account with a dash in the name
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I know Internet hugs aren't real
and whiny journal entries are not real
but I really want to be sure people still care about me
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I don't feel like I have time for deviant art anymore ): waaaay too many AP's and getting ready for collage (which I don't want to go to...) I don't have time to read all the journals, look at all the art, leave interesting comments.

Back when I first started on DA (with 100 pageviews was a big deal, and each comment was exiting
now updating feels like chore, I have trouble remebering what art I've looked at and I get frustrated alot.

Art shouldn't be like that

so goodbye, for now
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I will be 17, and taking more pictures.
and because I like plants I will feature some nice plant stocks, although I can only post the link and not the tumbnail ):
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so somebody sent me a link to a WONDERFUL contact juggling site...
but now I cannot seem to find the comment that had the link on it *_*
if you see it PLEASE tell me what work it is on
I will love you

also, all the pictures I am uploading are not the best, but I took them with a cancer ridden camera so have pity.

cancer camera is now dead by the way

so no more handy shots for a while ):
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I was just informed that I got a DD
A DD!?
I'm going to have a eart attack i'm so happy
(and that would explain the 1047 messages...)
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heh, not really, but I do have internet (sometimes) so I can actually reply to comments (even though the keyboards here are different and some of the letters are in different places)I can even reply to coments useing these üÜäöÖÄ
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this is what I want to do with my life
and not because my mommy doesn't love me
*not JUST because my mommy doesn't love me

also, there is another stocker with a name like mine but we are not the same person. PLEASE make sure that if you use pictures from that acount that you credit him and not me
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  • Listening to: the beating of that dreadful heart...
please don't do anything harmful to yourself

I updated some stuff in my real art, you may use it as stock (just PLEASE ask fist, it's only some of the things)
ummm yes... reposting of rules
credit and send me a link
ohhh that took a while, my hands are cramping up

and in a few days you may see a rant about Alice in wonderland, we'll see
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please, if you have any questions I have not answered, ask

My rules are pretty much the standard stock stuff, credit and link. I also try to write it under all the pictures, I don't mind use in mature content pictures, but also don't think theres a chance of them being used in that way.
the bubble I use is a contact juggling ball. I'm going to join the circus when I grow up.
don't crush my dreams
environment stamp by environment <- this is suposed to be something, but my computer hates me *_*

oh, and a little tag

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!
4. Tag 5 people.
5. Bold the questions and with the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions.

How are you feeling today? Under the weather [so I guess I'm an emo kid... but we all knew that]

Will you get far in life? The great river [hmm I don't think this fits...]

How do your friends see you? The rythm of the night [I like the part where this is from the mulon rouge soundtrack... I guess I'm a little more *outgoing* then I thought]

What is your best friend's theme song? Doroha (the road) [NO not at all]

What is the story of your life? Finding me [yes 100%]

What was high school like?Ghosts [emo emo emo]

How can you get ahead in life? Elephant love melody ["All you need is love" ...not ]

What is the best thing about your friends? vamos ninas [yea!]

To describe your grandparents? Street Signs [not quite, I think they're human..]

How is your life going? Love and Hope [No]

What song will they play at your funeral? The breaking of the fellowship [People will never see Lord of the rings in the same way again]

How does the world see you? I don't know what this song is called, but it's by flogging molly (: [no comment]

Will you have a happy life? Bugs got a devillish grin conga [I'm guessing because this is from requiman from a dream.. no]

What do your friends really think of you? Summer overture [more from requima for a dream]

Do people secretly lust after you? May it be [sop I guess by now you've realized I listen to alot of soundtrack stuff]

How can I make myself happy? Romeo [gross]

What should you do with your life? Hope overture [?]

Will you ever have children? Stopin the love [and the lyrics fit even better]

I tag... anyone whos name starts with an S
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sooo A little about luckystock

it was founded (kindof) by two people, mostly because one of them had a digital camera
now the other one has a digtle cammera too! and her and person A can spend there time eatting cheerios and sushi together instead of taking pictures.

however this leads us to another problem: It's hard to take pictures of yourself.
soo most of my stock is hands, even if you can't see them

atomicly incorect hands actually, aperently I have alian fingers


1- credit me
2- link me
3- send me a link
I do not have any rules against inapropriate use of my photos because a) I don't think it's possible and b) I don't care

thants about it, I will take sugjestions of things to hold, as long as it's not alive and found in the house I curently live at
I will also take reqests for hand poses
even nude hand poses!

oh, and befor I forget -my real art, also the place were I update news in my journal
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