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My Bio
Current Residence: Florida
Completed Education: Associate of Arts Degree from Seminole Community College
Currently Studying: Game Art Bachelor of Science Degree from Full Sail University
Proficient In: 2D Art and Design, Photoshop, Zbrush, Concept Creation.
Adequate In: 3D and 2D Animation, 3D Modeling, Lighting, Rigging

Favorite Music: Varied. It's easier to identify the types of music that I don't like, which is primarily heavy country, heavy metal, and certain types of rap music. I prefer anything with a good beat, and halfway decent lyrics are a plus.
Favorite Photographers: Unknown. I don't really have favorites, as I am very picky about my photography.
Favorite Artists: J-wild, reapersun, humon... I'll add more later.
Operating System: Mac and PC, but primarily Macs.
Favorite Book: This Book is Full of Spiders, by David Wong.
Favorite Character: John, from John Dies at the End

Favourite Visual Artist
Depends on the genre, so pretty much, the same answer as above.
Favourite Movies
Fight Club. Tyler Durden is...Rwoar! <3
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
None, but lately I've been listening to excessive amounts of Flogging Molly.
Favourite Writers
My dear, lost friend Laina Graff. Love ya like a sister, chica.
Favourite Games
Currently? Twilight Princess. But once the buzz dies down, I won't have a favorite here either.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Once again, it's currently the Wii because of my Zelda obsession.
Tools of the Trade
The God Pencil. AKA: A True Blue (Blue Franc?) Prisma Colored Pencil.
Other Interests
Anything related to fine-arts, including preformance arts and music, roleplaying, game, etcetera?

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Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake the fangirls hijacked it!
Happy Birthday!
Nice gallery

Have a bunny
WOAH!! You got soooooo much better since I last saw your Artwork!!! Miss you Shan!! its me its Erich!!
Happy Birthday