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Sweet Creep Brand With BG by Luckyshortyboo Sweet Creep Brand With BG by Luckyshortyboo
This is a cute type brand, that uses the Pastel Goth theme for fashion. Holographic, drip effect, pastel gradient, bones are just a few of the motifs F2U - Pumpkin-Kitty icon! F2U spooky Cat-Pumpkin Icon 

Romance Story: Swan Lake
Dream Story: Alice in Wonderland

Designer: Melody Thumbell
Known User: Alice Thomas

Extra Information: The Romance Story was inspired because; of the concept behind it. Being cursed and turned into a swan. Only to find prince charming who saves you. The girls/boys who use this brand will use it as a rebellion against the 'stereo-types' society has placed on you to be. To be the creepy you, you want to be; while still being sweet~

The Dream story is because; the users are often viewed as dreamers (My brand, I make up the stuff for it ;3 ), going to faraway lands, to escape.


Sweet Pastel ~Unit Appeal~

This is a CLOSED Brand; and will only accept users by request. (Again, my brand, I come up with the stuff for it.)
You must explain why you would like your idol to be apart of this brand. 

I created everything you see here by hand. No base for the letters, cross, ghost, bear, eye etc. Just me, Sai, and one glance at Google for Pastel Goth accessories. (Example: The eyeball bat wing. The bear) The BG colors where inspired by a 'Blue Candy floss' type picture bg I saw on Google but again; I made it by hand with the 'Spread' and 'Wave 15' brushes on Sai. The Holographic letter drip appearance was created by flipping on layer of holo, and poof. Drip effect. (Not really sure how else to describe it ><") 

Please respect my brand, and the wish I have placed on it, if you desire one of your idols to join it. 

I am quite pleased with this brand, and it is honestly my favorite because; I adore the pastel goth fashion. Pastel Stocking Icon I will not accept disrespect, or anything else towards this brand or any brand I make. 

Fact-toy: Lucky (My sona character) may appear in some of the coords for art purposes because; she/I can [Icon] free cute leaf bear icon! Mermaid Emote (And like I said previously. I ADORE pastel goth fashion)

Stop :stop: Remember: Blue stop signs. Blue Stop Sign banned fella (Reactions) Police fella (Works) 
Do not use my art as a base, or anything that revolves around using my OC in such a way. Unless said otherwise.
I don't mind if you use as a reference, to make a gift or a surprise; but DO NOT STEAL!

That's it. Please leave nice comments if you like :) (Smile)Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]  
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October 14, 2017
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