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~SAA~ Ellie Minamo by Luckyshortyboo ~SAA~ Ellie Minamo by Luckyshortyboo
This is the new application for Sapphire Angels Academy. Wasabimote riding sushi Of my pop babyKii Aikatsu Icon 

Full Name: Ellie Minamo
Age: 15
Type: Pop
Brands: Happy Rainbow (Aikatsu), Fruit Frenzy and Neon Go-Go (Both by ;iconLuluLuluLS: )
Year: 1st
D.O.B: 4/27/02
Speciality: singing
Height: 5 ft
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese

Why she wanted to join the academy: She wanted to join the academy because; she has always dreamed of being an idol and being a role model to others. Seeing as how many little girls and boys looked up to idols, that has always been a dream of hers.

Extra info: She likes to eat pizza, a lot. (Especially Pineapple pizza), and all kinds of fruits. She adores the holiday Halloween, as it gave her a chance to dress up as idols and feel like on for a day. She also like to joke around, and make the room a bit brighter. Oh and she also like to decorate for parties :) (Smile)

Personality: Hyper, and at the same time very understanding, and loving. She can also have her moments on being a bit rude, and sometimes cold-hearted. 

Base: Kaede and Otome from Aikatsu!

Stop :stop: Remember: Blue stop signs. Blue Stop Sign 
Do not use my art as a base, or anything that revolves around using my OC in such a way. Unless said otherwise.
I don't mind if you use as a reference, to make a gift or a surprise; but DO NOT STEAL!

That's it. Please leave nice comments if you like :) (Smile)Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
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July 21, 2017
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