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Not in My Data: Act II Ch. 6
Diablo, pt.2
"Hey mom, look at this awesome toaster I found!"
King Elias of the Kingdom of Acorn rubbed his temples. He had just released to the public that the Destructix had escaped prison and the city was not quite pleased to hear about it. He did not tell them what they learned from Fiona on who had broken them out and why, though. He needed the people on his side right now. The Council of Acorn didn't seem to approve of his ties with Metal Sonic, Hamlin in particular. He was often openly vocalizing his objections to the prince's staying here as well as his ruling over the G.M.E. (to the Council as well as the rest of the city), as he believed most of it, if not all, should be annexed to the Kingdom of Acorn. He was becoming quite the problem, as he had convinced Rotor and the rest of the Council to overlook Metal Sonic's robotic body and its progress. Since the king was deemed to be a friend of the now-nanite lynx, Hamlin also had the Council to agree to for
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Not in My Data Act II: Ch. 5
Sonic the Hedgehog almost pinched himself to make sure this wasn't some wacky dream. Beside him, Knuckles the Echidna was still bewildered at the truth of their enemy. Their enemy was a toaster. But not just any toaster…
"Are you fools ready to leave this world?" cackled the kitchen accessory. He did not receive a response of any kind. Rather, an awkward silence blanketed the moment of the encounter. The two Mobians were unsure if they should be taking the situation seriously or not.
"Um," the blue hedgehog scratched his neck, "Is there…is there anyone else with you, little guy?"
Knuckles slightly cringed before his partner continued, "Right, right…so then…how about just coming along with us quietly? I mean, you're caught and all, so-"
"You fools don't know how outmatched you are," the toaster interrupted with a prideful boast, "Back on the Great Kitchen, I was the most destructive fighter in the arena! Even Romero the Waffle Iron didn't-"
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"I'm sorry Mr. Solus, but there's nothing else we can do…I'm afraid I don't know how much time you have left."
Those were the last words spoken to Gerald Solus as he lay alone in his hospital bed. The doctor said the cancer had spread too far into his lungs to operate on, and he was given morphine to ease his last moments on Earth. He was only 32, unmarried and childless. Solus was alone at home as he was on his hospital bed. No one had come to see him. He had broken ties with his family when they went into financial ruin and had never bothered to make friends. He had lived his life according to his number one principle: Look out for ol' number one.
Solus had given his principle the credit to his success as CEO of a prosperous trade company, a large home in Los Angeles, his personal museum of Mustangs and Jaguars, and everything else that his success could buy. His code did not allow him to share his success, or anything for that matter. He had learned in his youth that sha
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Not in My Data Act II: Chapter 4
Shadow the Hedgehog
His lungs were hurting, his legs were tiring, and his mind was racing. Never before had the great Ixis Naugus fled from anyone who dared challenge him, but today was a fine example of the term "Exception". What he wouldn't give to have super speed at the moment, but even that may not be able to save him. The wizard quickly glanced behind him and instantly regretted doing so. Shadow the Hedgehog was catching up. He seemed to be in a rage, as the Ultimate Life Form easily destroyed or avoided every obstacle of Earth or Fire that Naugus could throw at him.
Previously, Naugus had been biding his time and lying low after a recent loss, and was surprised that Shadow had managed to find him in his remote retreat in the wilderness. When the hedgehog stated his demands, the sorcerer made the mistake of laughing at his face:
"You will tell me, Naugus," the Ultimate Life Form growled, crushing a rock in his hand. The wizard seemed unimpressed.
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Not in My Data Act II: Chapter 3
Dat Lynx!
Pink. What a dreaded color. Its obnoxiously bright and optimistic view was plastered before Metal's eyes. Pink roof, pink curtains, heart shaped windows, pink flowers; everywhere pink, pink, pink! The only thing normal about the house was the door and handle, which were the standard brown wood and bronze metal style of most Mobian homes. How could one endure so much pink? Pink…The name of the color was even annoying to him.
"Why are we here?" the blue lynx griped.
Nicole smiled softly before answering, "Amy's been feeling down lately and I agreed to see if there was anything we could do to make her feel better—"
"No, you were sent to see what has been troubling her."
The female AI shifted her feet, "Well…yes, that too…"
Knowing he would have to accompany Nicole with soothing the pink hedgehog, Metal sighed in defeat, "Very well, best we get this over with."
"Hang on," the female lynx cooed while pulling onto her love's arm, "Just remember that this
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Not in My Data: Act II Chapter 2
Catching Up
"We can't have any more incidents like this, Nicole," Sally sighed as she leaned back against the wall of the palace break room. Elias, Nicole, Sonic, and she had decided to meet about the problem Metal was posing during his stay at Mobotropolis.
After the events with Eggman and the destruction of the Eggdome (which had served as the capital of Metal Sonic's Grand Mobian Empire), the android's body needed repairs beyond any normal mechanic's abilities. Since he was already within the presence of both Tails and Rotor, he had donned the nanites-Lynx Mobian body Nicole had created previously before. It was released to the public that he was staying as a guest until his mechanical body had been restored, and the AI decided to repay his debt to Elias by aiding with the hunt for Dr. Finitevus. Though, since an official task force had not been created yet, Metal had volunteered to assist with domestic problems.
Metal Sonic had left Mammoth Mogul and Honey to watch over his kingdom
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My chair... by LuckyPistol My chair... :iconluckypistol:LuckyPistol 2 7 The face of laziness by LuckyPistol The face of laziness :iconluckypistol:LuckyPistol 0 2 Camera Shy by LuckyPistol Camera Shy :iconluckypistol:LuckyPistol 1 2 Meet Ginger by LuckyPistol Meet Ginger :iconluckypistol:LuckyPistol 0 2
Not in My Data: Act II
It was night; around the time that New Mobotropolis was shifting from night life to hitting the hay. Lights were turning off, citizens were going to sleep, and activity was coming to a standstill. It was quiet. Not even Flickeys could be heard. It was the perfect night; the perfect night for a robbery.
The peace and silence was broken by the sounds of sirens by a small time jewelry store as a figure dressed in black scrambled out of the broken window of the store. The criminal sprinted towards the nearest alley, effortlessly jumping over a tall fence as authorities arrived at the scene of the crime. An overweight brown bear stepped out of his vehicle, overlooking the damage and stolen goods. The manager of the establishment had arrived as well after being alerted, and didn't hesitate to make a fuss about how slow the Royal Guard was on apprehending the thief. The bear ignored his complaints and started reviewing security footage of the burglar. Though dressed in a standard b
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What is A Car Key Gnome?
What is A Car Key Gnome?
What is a Car Key Gnome? That's a very good question, and, thankfully, has a very good answer. Ever have those moments where you're in a rush (whether for school, work, etc.) and you just can't seem to find your keys? They aren't on the counter or kitchen table even though that's where you last left them…
You check everywhere you can; in room, the bathroom, maybe even the fridge. But the usual spot where they turn up is between those darned couch cushions. How do those keys manage to get there in the first place? Simple: The Car Key Gnomes. They come when you're either away or asleep, achieving their mischief as quick as their little legs can carry them. They already know where your keys are, they always know. While the couch pillows are the usual hiding place, many gnomes are expanding the possibilities and are exploring new places to conceal your precious keys. If you have an extra bad case of gnomes, you might frequently find your keys inside you
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Not in My Data Ch. 28
Finale, pt3
"Sonic!" Sally cried out, but the blue hedgehog had already sped away towards his target, Metal Sonic. The squirrel growled and clenched her fists before stomping over to an anxious Tails. He kept looking on at the blue speck that was fading in the distance as he neared Pendragon. As Sally got closer, though, all attention was diverted to the piqued princess.
"Tails, do you think you can find Eggman on your own?" she asked in a tone that showed she was trying hard to stay calm. Tails nodded solemnly, giving one last glance at Nicole, and took off in the Tornado. After seeing him leave, Sally turned to her best friend. Her ears were flattened as she sat on the ground holding her knees to her chest. The princess hesitated at first; what words of comfort could she give? More importantly…what the hell was going on with Sonic and Metal Sonic?
She knelt down beside the lynx, "Hey."
If Nicole acknowledged her presence, she didn't show it. But Sally continued nonetheless, "Are
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Not in My Data Ch. 27
Finale, pt2
Inside the Battle Fortress, three Legionnaires stalked through the shadows. Normally they wouldn't have to sneak around, but since the entire Dark Legion was out on the battlefield, the trio couldn't risk being spotted. And especially when they were so close to their mission and being paid…again. Luckily, most of the Battle Bird Armada was out on the battlefield as well, but there were still maintenance and crew members walking around. Hopefully they were too busy with their work or were watching the conflict. The leader of the group felt a tug on his robe.
"Fang, when are we going to get to the engine room? I gotta go reeeeal bad," the short Legionnaire crossed his legs and whimpered. The medium one turned to the large one.
The large one shrugged.
The medium cloaked figure returned his attention to his squirming companion, "You can go afterwe finished what we came here for! I told you to go before we got here anyway, Bean!"
"But I didn't have to go then!" the D
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Not in My Data Ch. 26
Finale, p1
Nicole's eyes slowly opened. She smiled, thinking back to what happened overnight. She went to hold onto Metal's arm around her, but it wasn't there. She flipped over with a small burst of panic and instantly relaxed when she saw he was still with her, he was only facing the opposite direction. The female lynx looked over her shoulder and saw her dress on the floor. Beside it was the black long sleeve shirt that she created for Metal's nanite bodies. She turned her attention back to Metal. What they did…
She felt a bubbling in her chest as her smile grew wider. From the movies she had watched and from the books she had read, what they did last night was the ultimate act of passion. When Mobians mated, it was to signify a bond for life. Then again, the two AIs weren't Mobians. But that hardly mattered. Nicole learned from Sally that a female's first time mating was something that was "treasured", or at least not done with just any male. Although the blue lynx beside her
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Not in My Data Ch. 25
Breath Before the Plunge
He sped past the skyscrapers, past the rocky hills, the mountains…He flew over the forest and the oceans, so close to his destination.
There it was. Angel Island. On it was the Master Emerald.
And there he was: His loathsome counterpart; guarding it with his friends. He remembered those two; they helped the hedgehog defeat him before…in fact they all did. But those three…
They knew he was coming; he knew they knew. They probably knew he knew as well. The android was almost there. The young fox got into his plane to stop him. Odd, Sonic would never let him do that…
The fox sped towards the robot head on, a mere feint to lead him somewhere else. It wouldn't work. Metal Sonic lifted a hand and shot a bolt of Chaos energy at the boy. The plane went crashing below into the sea. Poor kid, he would survive but he wouldn't get far enough away in time. The other two Mobians seethed with rage as he
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