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I'm around and stuff but like most peeps these days, way more active over on tumblr. There's a link to it in the ID section of my page but here it is as well. Go follow for doodles and stuff.
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Stop by to watch me work on comics and also some cartoons
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Got lots of stuff to doodle today!………
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Holy crap I have almost 14,000 pageviews. That's awesome. I should draw something for this maybe.
  • Listening to: cool tunes
  • Playing: draw everything
  • Listening to: cool tunes
  • Playing: draw everything
Gonna work on a secret santa and also some other stuffs. Stop by if you want.………
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I'm at it again!………
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Stop by if you can! I'm gonna be working on a comic with Beo in it with tiny breaks here and there for the 30 Character Challenge.………
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Come watch me doodle for the 30 Character November Challenge………
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First 10 Comments get a feature of their three works that I like the best - on the condition that you do the same on your journal because that's how things work you know.

1. :iconjetsterjay:
Johnny vs. Orion Page 1 by JetsterJay The Worst Muse by JetsterJay Lady Vanity Intro Page 2 by JetsterJay

2. :iconarrol-lal:
:thumb319977003: :thumb323050574: :thumb319975188:

3. :iconsarahthecat:
4 of a Kind by sarahthecat DFO - Master Dogrie pixel by sarahthecat FRIDGE-Round 1: vs Big Poppa Plum pt.1 by sarahthecat

4. :iconmagistelle:
Inkmeister by Magistelle Brainchildren Galore by Magistelle Dan VS Mammon by Magistelle

5. :iconshellminded:
The Tribal Within by ShellMinded A Merry Jubilee by ShellMinded Of Songs Unsung by ShellMinded





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working on this FRIDGE comic last minute, damn school got in the way………
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  • Playing: See how soon I can finish compared to a deadline
You should already know about the  fact I'm now a part of VOID, as well as participating in THE FRIDGE (second round whooo!) If you didn't well there you go! It's been a pretty awesome experience so far, deadlines really help with motivation and doing so much in so little time really helps with upping the quality of my work. Also it's really interesting interacting with other's characters. Other than that, there's an anthology thing that's gonna happen, and I've been thinking of ideas for it. So far I have 2 story ideas with minimal character concepts for them both, and I have a group of character concepts that have no story behind them. I've drawn a bit of each of those ideas though, not actual pages or anything yet, just the few characters I have already for them. I'm working on that just a bit, considering the deadline is a little ways off. I've got my more immediate focus on my fridge comic. That one is due this Sunday after all.

I do have just a little less time for drawing, though only a little! That's because college started up again. This year I'm taking Japanese, History of Rock n Roll, and Web Design. All of them so far have been very interesting and fun as well. There will be quite a bit of work ahead of me but I think I'll still love it. I'm probably gonna be doodling a lot too, there's quite a bit of downtime between classes and in the classes themselves. Doodle dumps might become a little common, probably starting with all the doodles from the past spring semester, because I've never scanned those ones or anything.

And yet still in other news... I officially have a license! I can now drive around wherever I want all by myself. VIDEO GAMES, FAST FOOD, AND MOVIES THEATERS HERE I COME. But yeah then I'd probably run out of gas... Actually I drove myself to my web design class this morning (and I'm actually typing this out on a computer in this class right now). That's really what it's for, driving to school. Best part though, no restrictions on my license, which means I can drive anyone around. Which is exactly how I planned it, it was the only reason I waited this long to drive.

Speaking of my Web Design class... It's great that I can use this computer for essentially anything while we're not supposed to be designing, because we're not starting that just yet. My only problem with it is... for some reason the Safari browser on this mac won't let the dA chats work. Out of all the things that could be the problem why did it have to be that one... Hopefully I'll be bringing my own laptop to class eventually, so then I can just use that instead. Maybe.

Well then if you read through all that thanks! Here's a lazy tl;dr: I've been making comics, and totally will keep doing so (considering an anthology). College started so expect a bunch of doodles. I can drive now whooo!

Till next time~ :meow:
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Finishing  up my FRIDGE OCT comic. Stop by if you want to see it ahead of time.………
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Drawing up a new character's ref sheet. And then probably other stuff.
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I'm gonna draw a bunch of different stuff, so stop by maybe and enjoy watching as well as a little music.
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Stop by and motivate me to finish this comic I'm doing.…
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:iconpictoshaman: tagged me for this.

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 Facts about themselves in their journal.
3. Then Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.

Random Facts
1. I'm in college but I don't have a major yet and I've never had a job.
2. I've taken Spanish and ASL classes, and will soon take a Japanese class.
3. I have this tic/twitch that is unpredictable but controllable.
4. I'm still growing. Very slowly but still am.
5. I'm a huge procrastinator.
6. I'll never ever ever be a vegan.
7. Chai and Vanilla Rooibos teas are tied for my favorites.
8. I have a huge collection of dvds, cds, books, and comics. It's most of what my room consists of.
9. I can lick my chin.
10. I live with my mother and grandparents (her parents) and a small dog.
11. I retain information just until it outlives it's usefulness then I gradually forget everything over time. So I can pass a class but a week later I'll have no idea how to do a certain equation or how to sign the word banana.

Now to answer her questions. Sorry though they aren't really answers...
1.) What is the horizontal asymptote of the following rational function: ( 3x - 7 ) / ( - x + 5 )
it is summer I refuse to do any math
2.) Define an indefinite article.
3.) What dutch post-impressionist artist painted "Starry Night" in 1889?
Van Gogh
4.) "Knut knyt knuten! Knut knöt knuten utan knot." Did Knut tie the knot with or without grumbling?
5.) A 55-kg boy is 1.5 m tall. What will be his mass when his height increases 0.2 m, assuming that he retains the same body shape and density?
6.) What particle was postulated to have zero mass and zero charge and to travel at the speed of light?
I never liked science stuffs.
7.) This musical scale, useful in jazz and rock, starts on the second degree of a major scale and sounds like a natural minor with a raised sixth. Identify the scale.
8.) What phenomenon was observed by Charles Darwin in 1880 that grass coleoptiles curve toward light?
I have no idea
9.) Briefly explain the operation of a silicon- controlled rectifier.
10.) Kara, the leader of the Eymorgs, steals Spock's brain for use in a computer.  What was Spock's brain used to administer for their planet? (Multiple choice)
a.) Its security
b.) their power
c.) their knowledge
ooh Star Trek, it's too bad I don't remember anything about it.
11.) What are Kal-el's weaknesses?

Now some questions from me that you might have to answer.
1. Was it difficult to list 11 facts about yourself?
2. Would you sit in a chair or lay on the floor?
3. Do you know what a Sing-a-ma-jig is?
4. What's the longest game you've ever played?
5. What game has frustrated you the most?
6. Are you bored of this whole thing yet?
7. Tribbles, yes or no?
8. Chicken or Beef flavor?
9. 173, 87, 682, 504 or 50. Just pick one.
10. Would you rather play with dice or a controller?
11. Do you know even just a few words in a geeky language? (ex. vulcan, gungan, etc.)

I tag these people just because I want to see their answers to my questions so you guys don't gotta give facts again if you don't wanna: :iconmagistelle::iconmyhatseatpeople::iconretrodash:
These people do however :meow: : :icongps-device::iconotakutaylor::iconorionthemuse::iconanimeshen::iconsarahthecat::iconshellminded::iconbunnehdemon::iconmoonwolf03:

Got tagged again by :iconbobojo: so here are his questions
1. When did you first start drawing, and when did you get serious about it?
I've been drawing probably since I could pick up any utensil because my dad made it look so awesome.
2. Who is your favorite Pokemon?
3. If you could write a fan fiction novel about any story, movie, or historical figure, who would you write about and what would happen in the story?
Hahaha, it's actually sort of hard to choose. Though I guess if I wasn't only writing it for myself, I'd write something about the anime Trinity Blood so it could actually end with everything resolved.
4. If you and I were stranded in the desert and got attacked by a herd of sand sharks, what kind of fighting style would we use? (i.e. Would we stand back to back? Would you grab me by the ankle and swing me like a morning star? etc.)
If I had the strength to do it I'd totally do the morningstar thing, but in all reality I'd probably be too busy freaking out over the fact landsharks exist and get eaten.
5. Your annoying neighbors have a pet parrot that they keep outside. What would you teach it to say to them?
"It's all a dream, please wake up."
6. If you had to create a character for a movie that is completely different from anything you would normally draw, what would the character look like and what would their personality be like?
Probably an old man who has had no regrets about it life but for some reason really dislikes the younger generation.
7. If you had seven gold coins and three friends, how would you divide the wealth?
8. Mac or PC? Why?
I have used both and they both have ups and downs. I can use either, but currently have a plain laptop because it was cheaper.
9. What is your #1 Christmas wish? (And I mean material objects, not stupid stuff like "world peace" or "happiness for all my family" or "make Pokemon real.")
A trip to Disney Land for myself, my partner, and 4 friends.
10. What is your favorite cute thing?
One of the stuffed animals I still own.
11. If you had unlimited wealth for the rest of your life, how would you spend the time you now have free from work?
I would play any video game I wished, maybe travel to certain parts of the world, and most definitely keep drawing for ever and ever.
Streaming again. This time the first few pages of my newest match on enterVOID.…
Livestreaming my progress on my comic for VOID. Come watch the progress and listen to some awesome tunes!…
Come watch  if you want!…