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December 29, 2011
:blowing tree: by ~luckylinx
Featured by Krissi001
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:blowing tree:

:wow: This was so fu*king hard to make!!!
Its revision of my first emote [link] and also its my entry for the "2008 Icon Interlude Christmas Contest" and also for [link]

I hope that you fav it, because, once again, it was so hard! it took ma ages to complete! those big eyes (not just two dots) are realy hard to animate, if you dont want to make them look dumb... =)
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This is awesome! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
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"Did you light the tree already, darlin'?"
"Sure did! Tehehe ...:devilish:"

XD This is soo funny!
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Ha! No presents for the naughty emoticon! Burning the tree!

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:blowing tree: just wondering if it works x)
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Awesome is the only word to describe this :aww: :#1:
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This is awesome, congrats on the DD! :D
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Heee--this is great! Burn, baby, burn! :onfire: Congratulations on your DD! :clap:
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EVIL EMOTE~! Evil I tell you!
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How i feel every year! :D

Awesome work!
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Jewish peoples revenge! For you know, Christmas being more populaur XP
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reminds me of the grinch XD

simply awesome :D
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I love his face at the end :XD:
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NO Fire Brigades ... NO Serenades
Just Pyromania!
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This makes me laugh, thus it is among my favorites!
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Someone should be an alternate for this, where the Tree grows back then whacks him.
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LOVE it! :D hahaha!
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