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Liquicity speaker

EDIT: Got featured here [link]

I made this for ♪♫ Liquicity ♫♪

You can use it as wallpaper (set it to center and use black as background color, it should fade smoothly) but


The logo with the planet belongs to him!
(he has a dA account too *Liquicity )
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Featured in - Czech Republic Designers On Fire :) [link]
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wonderfull! could you upload it as wallpaper in 1680x1050?
Would be so great :w00t: :+fav:
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nope, because i dont want to remake the whole thing. i dont have bigger resolution than this...
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Awesome artwork :)
I use it as a wallpaper, it's really beautiful !
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what font is that? looks like 'rezland' but rounder and the 's' are a lot better too. looks gd and liquicity is awesome.... same he had to take down the old vids :(
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the font is [link] it looks much better that rezland. the link to that is also in the previous version of this...
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good, but i feel like its lacking some more color, and the flower pattern does not fit the whole theme imho

but yea good job.
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like what color?
the pattern is there on purpose, i wanted it there because of the contrast between new and old...
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i like it! it is a cool color and the design is really smooth.
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