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Google before asking

I had the idea in my mind for a long but i havent got time to make this.

It was so FUC*ING HARD !!! I spend whole day making it...
so here it is! I hope you like it! =D


Google main page [link] .
If you have no idea what google is see [link] . :lmao: =D
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There is no possible way someone doesn't know what Google is. SCREW THE DICTIONARY! WE HAVE GOOGLE!

Oh wait, sudden caps.
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LOL! Well that solves my friends problem! give them a smack for asking stupid Questions! Thanks XD (Google's your friend)
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THANK YOU. I hate when people ask stupid questions on the internet. On the INTERNET. You're already at the computer! Just open a new tab and Google it!

It especially bugs me when people say, "I'm only twelve, someone please tell me what that is". :iconwthplz: Seriously?
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This is pretty much like my parents.
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My mum always tells me to look it up in the dictionary, but i just go on google :lmao: :giggle:
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I agree~ I really hate it when someone asks a question and I waste my time to google it for them when they could have done that in the first place :|
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Agreed, and certain people say after the question "...and i'm too lazy to search it on google", that give me nerves when they say that to me, lazy morons.
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ha I said that :above: august 2010 lol :XD:
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Sorry, but that happens to me too.
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lol lol nice! I think everyone knows what google is, i mean who doesnt!? lol
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You have been featured in my :star:Talented Artists Part 33:star: article:heart:
Please keep it up your amazing works:rose:
I love your awesome talents and beautiful works:worship:
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featured in my journal here: [link] .!
support is VERY appreciated
♡ .
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I always use that site before I do everything.
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