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Let me serve you tea! (gift)

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Modern Moana dress up

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Mega Cellular Month! Part 3

Navigation Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (this part) ~PlzDivide1plz ( September 10, 2016: News from Clara Day 7 Evening While waiting for the vesicle and the New Light, the ribosome lights begin to make contact with one another. The lack of votes has left many in suspense of who will be executed. The membrane in Sector E bulges to form the last vesicle to emerge. Said vesicle stops in Sector H. "Nii-san!!" Meanwhile in Sector M, a white aura now shrouds Marufuji Ryou, trying to

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American Clay Horse | Kipup Team Template

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Capturing the Fly Card


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Yu-Gi-Oh! Sketchdump


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Did you just flip my Switch?


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All Hatred Turns To Pain

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Your Ultimate Nightmare

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How to Draw Slifer (The Body)

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Patreon Linearts - Wolf Puppies + DLC

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AIGHT GUYS TIME TO BUST OUT THE MISTLETOE AND PUT UP YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE CUZ WE ABOUT TO GET LIT ON SOME CHRISTMAS MEME Choose 5 OCs! If you want, add a sentence next to it to describe the main points of the OC for the people who don't know them. OvO DO NOT READ THE QUESTIONS OR YOUR GENITALS GET MUTILATED 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. -:heart:- -THE PREPWORK- 1. 5, 1, and 2 are in charge of decorating the yard. What do they put up? And how does it play out? 2. 3 and 4 are in charge of decorating the tree. Do they battle over who hangs up which ornament? Or does one of them get tangled in the lights? 3. Nothing beats the fluffy romance of bakin

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Gameboy Pudding

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Oct. 23rd - Siren

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Discord Yu-Gi-Oh + Moving Day

Moving day is confirmed to be the 10th so I will not be on that day it all. When I settle down I will get into hobbies more as I look for work. This includes Video making, and redesigning my horror comic for yugioh. I have a horror Fan Comic I wanted to make but it needs lots of development. I also was debating to continue sunflower as right now it is on hold while I refine plot and add to it. I am missing a chunk of the story so I have to fill it in. I hope you all enjoy the video above and expect more art in a week or two. (I have been doing mostly traditional but I may recolor them digitally)


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((This shouldn't be my priority right now but...))

((...I've started working on a headcanon deck for Shada. I still have so much to do with this guy, I still need to get him into the %Yu-Gi-Oh-RPdA ( main plot, I need to work on a headcanon deck for Dartz, I need to work on my application for Critias... But my brain is working on this! So far I'm thinking of making it an Egyptian Deities-themed deck. I got inspired by the cards 'Mystical Beast of Serqet', 'Embodiment of Apophis' and 'Sacred Phoenix of Nepthys'. I know there's also the 'Horus the Black Flame Dragon' archetype somewhere but I honestly forgot about that one until I looked through my cards searching for the Phoenix of Nepthys

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So I decided to open a DuelingNetwork account (username is spookyscaryduelist, don't ask, I just like the name), and I'm obviously new to this, because nearly everything about it confuses me, and I have no idea how to duel properly (dueling with Pink-Fluffy-Dragon ( right now. I'm really a noob in this. Sooooooo, can anyone help me?

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