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Hello, little one (DTIYS entry)

Character  CascadeCharacter  DreamWeaver
Another piece for the #mischydtiys hosted by MischievousRaven 
Characters are my sona DreamWeaver and Lorebellex Quilldog Cascade
DreamWeaver wasn't happy to stick to the rivers and lakes that she's used to so she went chasing waterfalls and found Cascade! They seem to be getting along well.

Again, I did some experimenting with Cascade's design trying to adapt it to my style, since I wasn't entirely happy with how it turned out last time. I simplified her markings a little more and I like how they turned out, probably going to keep this pattern. Using my brush pens for the quills was definitely a better idea than what I did in my previous entry, and using my metallic markers for the markings was possibly the best idea I ever had XD I could probably have made this easier on myself, though, now that I better understand how they show on pencil. I keep learning new things about my markers every time I use them.
I messed up on Cascade's leg floof a little but that's okay, I guess I had to make that mistake once to understand how to not make it again. Next time it should look better and more fwoofy.
Cascade should be larger compared to DreamWeaver, but I'm just going to say Cascade can adjust her size to interact with other creatures more easily, since her real size is enormous and would scare a lot of creatures away. I think the smallest she can go would still be Shire Horse sized, though. She's a big girl. For size comparison on this piece; DreamWeaver is about as large as the average European Lynx, which would be 70 cm tall at the shoulder.
I decided to leave out Cascade's halo, it was too difficult to work into the composition. Cascade already takes up the vast majority of the image, adding her halo would pull all attention away from DreamWeaver and just make the composition even more imbalanced. I definitely need to practice with compositions.

please excuse the pencil smudges, I did shading with my 2B pencil and then had to add Cascade's markings and ended up smudging everywhere because I kept resting my hand on the paper XD the disadvantages of doing traditional art.
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Watching these two meet makes me strangely happy ~

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thank you! they make me happy too

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Oh this is so tender and precious! I love the expression and emotion you evoked! <33

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Thank you! I had a lot of fun drawing it and ended up learning a few things about posing and body language along the way, so that makes this a win-win for me