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Cascade (DTIYS entry)

Character  Cascade
My first entry for MischievousRaven's #MischyDTIYS challenge! The character is Cascade, a Lorebellex Quilldog with an absolutely gorgeous design.

This drawing was mostly me messing around trying to adapt the design to my style, which is why I didn't bother coloring or shading. Quilldog anatomy is difficult for me to draw, I've done a few more sketches between drawing and posting this piece and I think I have a slightly better feel for it now, but this drawing just ended up looking a little wonky and I'm still not entirely sure if I've got the hang of how the quills and neck floof work, so... we'll see.
I had a lot of trouble getting the quills to look okay ish and I don't really like how they turned out, so I'm going to have to find something else for that. Maybe my brush pens can come to the rescue.
I also struggled with her markings and had to simplify them a lot to make them work in my style, which is kind of unfortunate since her original markings are absolutely gorgeous. I simply don't have the skill level required to draw more detailed markings (by which I mean, I could draw them once but I wouldn't be able to replicate them in another drawing so I decided against it). I tried to pick out her most recognizable and important markings (the triangles on her snout, butt and paws, the stripe below the eye, and the marking on her shoulder) and added a few more spots and stripes to keep the essence of the other markings.
I also nearly forgot to draw her halo and while I'm typing this I noticed I forgot the crystals hanging down from her ear, whoopsie. Note to self; don't forget the accessories!
If school allows me to spend a little more time on this, I will probably complete at least one more entry, hopefully two or three because I have a few ideas that I'd absolutely love to draw with this beautiful character.
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for some reason this made me laugh uncontrollably, thank you, I really needed that today xD

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This is such a lovely entry! Thank you so much for participating and for the description of your navigation of this piece :) She looks so beautifully regal here!

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thank you for commenting, I'm glad you like it! I've been analyzing my own progress through my drawings a lot lately to see what my strengths are and what I could improve on, and I thought it would be fun to share my thought process behind this piece. I actually gave it a little more thought today and noticed that I'm not entirely happy with how I handled her neck markings, they look too busy, so I'll probably try something else in my next entry. gotta keep practicing if I want to improve!