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My first Silhoux! I think Silhoux are a really interesting species and I've been wanting one for a while, and yesterday I finally found the inspiration I needed to sit down and create my first Silhoux. I'm not entirely sure if I like her markings the way they are now, I may change the markings on her face, but I guess I'll have to see.

Author of Ill Fates is a Silhoux born from a clash between a writer's blessing and a writer's curse. Her portal is rumored to lead to a world where all stories have bad endings, but this is unconfirmed. Her powers can cause writer's block, bring the near irresistable urge to write pain and angst, or derail a story and redirect it towards a bad ending, but her curses are easily dispelled by the power of a writer's determination and the glimmer of hope for a good ending. It is said that she secretly wishes for a good ending for herself.
She is reluctant to form positive relationships to other creatures and prefers to keep her distance, but will gladly become friends with anyone who can resist her curse.

- Author's design is based on Murder-God, the antagonist of Discord Murder Party. If you can handle heavy themes, I highly recommend giving this podcast a try (though, do yourself a favor and listen to the DMP logs for season 1, or start with episode 6 of that season).
- Yes, her powers are based on my personal experience with writer's block.
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That's an interesting species! The portal at the end of their spines is such a unique feature, and I LOVE where Author's leads. Using writer's block for inspiration is pretty witty! What a great concept for this character. :D

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thank you! I really love the species, I have already created two other Silhoux and am planning at least five more, I may have a problem xD

I can't really take credit for the idea for Author's design, since she is based on an existing character from a podcast, but I did think it was a funny idea as well ^^

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It's a good problem, they are an excellent species! Do you think you'll share more on here? If so, I look forward to them!

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I probably will, eventually! I'm not sure if I want to upload them as I create them (like I do on my Toyhouse) or hold off and post all of them at once when I finish drawing all of them. maybe I'll upload the fandom inspired ones all at once and then the old-and-scrapped-oc inspired ones all at once, idk.