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Sicily in HetaOni by LuckyJiku Sicily in HetaOni by LuckyJiku
She is blind in this... I suck at drawing blindness XD

I had the idea to draw this when I was RPing HetaOni with Catalyst during our Friday Night RPs (which don't happen on just Fridays anymore XD). I was remembering the scene where Iggy went blind to defeat that "THING" o-o So, I was like "WELL IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN IN THIS RP!" (XD)

So... I thought of a storyline for how this happened:

Sicily followed England quietly as the two made their way into the Annex, where they had last seen Prussia, Germany, and Japan. The two walked in silence until an inhuman growl could be heard from within the Annex. Gripping her spellbook tighter, Sicily ran ahead of England, ignoring his cries to slow down and to wait.

The growl led Sicily to a small room in the far areas of the Annex. There stood the Oni, twice the size it had been since the last time the small island territory had seen it. The memories that the clocks had given her flashed in her brain. I won't let that happen to him... she thought, holding her hand up to cast a spell. "STOP! SICILY!" a voice called out behind her. It was England... and the three that were missing. England had found them. Sicily cast a sad, brief glance to the Brit before finishing the spell she had started.

The spell sent the small Italian flying as the Oni disappeared. England quickly caught her, helping her to regain her balance before he finally let her go. "What were you doing?! You could have gotten yourself killed!" England fussed, checking Sicily over for injuries. Sicily, knowing what she had just done, hung her head in shame, hoping England would not see what she had done to herself. "Lift your head, love. I need to see your face," England told her. She shook her head. England took her chin in between his finger and thumb and lifted her head gently. Sicily blinked sadly, feeling his grip on her chin get slightly tense. "Y-you.... you....," England stumbled over his words. Sicily nodded quietly, replying, "Yes. I did. I blinded myself." England was taken aback. He never thought his closest ally and best friend would do this to herself. "But... why?" he asked, hearing the three behind him start to whisper.
"B-because... I was afraid that I was going to lose you...."

Yeah. Sad story, right? Q A Q
The story above, the picture, and the character all belong to me
Prussia, Germany, Japan, England, the Oni, and HetaOni don't belong to me (XD)
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