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[Route XX] BAD END (Miyako) by LuckyJiku [Route XX] BAD END (Miyako) by LuckyJiku
"Youkoso waga tainai e~"

So the idea for this came to me last night when I was listening to NicoNico covers of Outer Science (Ooooh they make me melt so much~) while reading an RP that's going on between me :iconluckyjiku:, Ashy :icondepassionate:, and Nom (does she have a dA?). 

The ironic thing about this is that in Kagerou Project, it's Kano who suffers this fate and in our RP, Miyako and Kano are a "linked" couple (not sure on if they're dating yet or not; I gotta ask Nom Nom XD).

I may be doing others of these later on of the other OCs (Mariko, Harue, Coryn, Ichiro, Eiji, and Kyo). But for now, please accept this picture of one twice dead kid being possessed by the Clearing Eyes snake and another dead kid about to die a second time-- XD

And for Nom Nom and Ashy: "FUCK YOU, KENJIROU--!"

Art and Miyako (c) :iconluckyjiku:
RP was started by Nom (because she wanted to have one)
Kuroha/Dark Konoha (c) Jin (because KagePro) 

Ah and let me include a little about Miya:
Age: 16
Birthday: 12 May 1999
Cause of Death: Beaten to death with baseball bats
Eye Power: "Future Eyes"/Future Vision (Steven Universe reference anyone? XD)
Ability this power gives: Gives the user the ability to see into the future. 
Currently "linked" with: Shuuya Kano
Link Power: Future Manipulation
Ability this "link" power gives: Gives the user(s) the ability to change events in the future. 
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July 29, 2015
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