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Jikuloid and Cataloid by LuckyJiku Jikuloid and Cataloid by LuckyJiku
So.... this is what happens when Jiku's bored in Precalc.... she draws chibi vocaloids XD

Sooo if you're wondering where Jikuloid and Cataloid came from, there is a little bit of a backstory:

From what I can remember, I wanted to be a vocaloid on Skype for a whole day. So all day, my Skype updates would say "Status of Jikuloid:" and then whatever my status was. Well then, that caught on with Cata and she started calling herself Cataloid. And we haven't been able to stop calling ourselves that since then. I even have a new 'WAC-loid" (as I call them), but I haven't officially designed her yet. YES TWINNY. That WAC-loid is your character! XD But anyways, Cata and I use "Cataloid" and "Jikuloid" as our nicknames now and we also use them when talking "OOC" in our RPs~ <3

This will probably stick with me forever lol

This whole thing took 4 hours to finish:
2 hours of drawing/outlining
2 hours of coloring (and minimum shading)

So yeah! ;3 Hope you like it~ :D

Cataloid's Name (c) :icontentaikansokup:
Cataloid's Design (c) :iconluckyjiku:
Jikuloid's Name and Design (c) :iconluckyjiku:
Art (c) :iconluckyjiku:

Don't we look so cute with our "stop" and "go" musical signs? I felt lazy and didn't draw a rest on Cataloid's sign..... oh well... XD And, if you haven't thought about it (and since our signs are kinda like a traffic signal, Seboloid's sign will be yellow~ ;3 That's all I'll tell you about her design~ XD


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April 21, 2013
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