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Friday - ? RP with Catalyst by LuckyJiku Friday - ? RP with Catalyst by LuckyJiku
Yeah........ it's so cute~ <3
Catalyst - Iggy (:icontentaikansokup:)
Jiku - Sicily (:iconluckyjiku:)

I own the concept for Sicily, but not the design for Iggy XD

<3 Catalyst.... this RP OMG :3

Here's how it got up to this point (I'll post the full RP when we actually finish the scene. <3

Iggy: -silence-
Sicily: I'm sorry, Iggy. I just don't wanna tell you cause I don't know how you'll react.......... -pacing back and forth-
Iggy: Don't worry *pat back*
Sicily: -muttering, still pacing- If I tell you that I like you, then there might be the chance that we can't be friends.... -stops pacing, hugs Iggy- I don't wanna lose your friendship, Iggy! ;~; -bites lip- I.....
(Sicily's Thoughts: Good job, idiot...)
Iggy: -smiles- How could I not be fds with you anymore? Sicily?
Sicily: Well..... Um..... Okay I think I can tell you. But you have to promise to remain friends with me no matter what, okay?
Iggy: Of course!
Sicily: O-okay. So.... Remember when I asked you if you liked anyone as more than a friend or an ally?
Iggy: y...yeah...
Sicily: -looks down- I asked you that........ because I........
(Sicily's Thoughts: Just say it! He already agreed to be your friend no matter what.)
Iggy: -listens-
Sicily: I like you..... as more than a friend or an ally....... Please don't think I'm weird..... -looks up at Iggy-
(Sicily's Thoughts: Okay. Mission accomplished.... I hope.)
Iggy: Si...sicily....O//A///O -smiles- Thank you
Sicily: S-so...... Yeah. I guess I was just too nervous to tell you. But I guess liking someone like I like you can make someone act like I did. ./////. But what was the thank you for? Did I do something? .-.
Iggy: well...umm....I.... -looks to side- Ehh...*sigh* never mind
Sicily: -tilts head- You can tell me.....
Iggy: Nah~ It''s ok....AHAHAHAHAHA -pretends to be silly- It's really nothing...
Sicily: -hugs Iggy- Oh. Okay~ Just know you can trust me with anything and I'll still be your friend and ally no matter what, okay?
Iggy: yeah! Of course!
(Sicily's Thoughts: I really wanna find out what's bugging him)
Sicily: So do you wanna look at more pictures? :3
Iggy: haha sure!
Sicily: -hands him an album- You can look through that one. I'll look through this one. -sits on floor-
Iggy: okay
Sicily: -looks down at the pictures- Oh.... my.... goodness. Iggy..... I found a picture that you might wanna look at. -laughs- It's us~ I never knew we met as kids.
Iggy: Huh?! Really?! Let me see!
Sicily: -shows picture- See? That's you and me! I never knew!
Iggy: Really! I never knew too!
Sicily: Maybe......... they kept it a secret.
Iggy: yeah~ I guess so
Sicily: Maybe they didn't want us to be around each other? Kinda sounds like a play I read once...... I think it was a play from your place.
Iggy: Really? which one?
Sicily: I think it's on my bookshelf. Hmmm.... -gets up and looks- Ah! This one! -hands it to England- Romeo and Juliet. I'm saying that right?
Iggy: Ohhh that one! Yeah!
Sicily: I like that one..... but the ending is tragic. ;~; It made me cry
Iggy: It is. But at least romeo and juliet are together, right?
Sicily: R-right. Yeah. I guess. -looks back at the picture- It looks like I was still as energetic then as I am today. And I still give you hugs the same way~ :3
Iggy: hahaha yeah!
Sicily: But I think you look a lot different than you did back then.
Iggy: Really? Where?
Sicily: Still cute, but more matured in appearance~ And your hair's still the same.... so are your eyebrows :3
Iggy: hahaha yeah! You're right -laugh-
Sicily: W-what about me? I think I pretty much look the same.........
Iggy: Nah~ You are prettier and....cuter
Sicily: A-ah.... Really? T-thank you.
Iggy: yep!
Sicily: You think I'm pretty~? :3 Th-that's sweet of you to say, Iggy.
ggy: Haha Of course I do think you're pretty!
Sicily: I love you, Iggy. You're just too sweet. Always like a gentleman. -hugs-
Iggy: -hugged- Thanks Sicily. -smiles- Oh how about time, you should come to my home and we should make scones together!
Sicily: Yeah~ And you have to show me your pictures while we're there. :)
Iggy: Of course! :)
Sicily: -kisses Iggy's cheek- And we can make pasta, right? :33 -tilts head-
Iggy: -blushes- course!
Sicily: Great~ :3 -looks at Iggy- A-are you okay? You aren't sick, are you? -places back of hand on forehead-
Iggy: Noo...I...I'm fine...
Sicily: Are you sure? Your face got all red. Maybe you should sit down......
Iggy: Hmph! Of course I'm fine! -looks to the side-

After that last part by Catalyst, I immediately said this:
Jiku: Tsunnnndereeeee~ XD

Cause Iggy's sooooooo much of a tsundere <3 :3

Hope you like it Catalyst! I spent all of history drawing this <3
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