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Fem! Iggy x Male! Sicily (Nyotalia) by LuckyJiku Fem! Iggy x Male! Sicily (Nyotalia) by LuckyJiku
Well.... I like this.... I'm actually improving in my opinion! ^ ^

This is a pairing from me and :icontentaikansokup:'s RP in Google Docs. :D SicilyXIggy

But this is the gender swapped version of that couple! ^ ^ In the real couple, obviously, Iggy's a boy and Sicily's a girl.

Iggy and Fem! Iggy don't belong to me or Cata~ XD Cata does RP as Iggy though! :D
Sicily and Male! Sicily belong to me! I RP as Sicily in the Google Docs RP! ;3

This is what I imagine them to be saying:
Sicily: Woah! This is SO COOL! I feel so tall! :D
Iggy: Yeah, yeah.... :|
Sicily: Everyone is staring at us! I bet they're so confused! ^ ^ Oh hi there, fratello* Romano! :D
Iggy: Note to self: When I get home, fix this.... I don't like being a girl.... although.... Sicily does look really cute as a guy....
Sicily: Iggy's so cute as a girl <3 But... maybe we should fix this ^ ^' Fratello's raging again and he'll start flipping tables if he doesn't get his "little sister" back.... Oh just wait until he sees what I have planned ;3

Wanna know Sicily's plan? ;3 Ohhhh you'll find out when I get the rest of it drawn! :D

* fratello - brother (in Italian :D)
CatalystAristarkh Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amg that're so cute!!! <3333
And sicily looks so cool as a guy! XDDD
Haha iggy looks so jealous cuz sicily is taller than him LOL
LuckyJiku Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
<3 I love their designs and everything. But it took soooo many references to get the look that I wanted XD
Sicily really does look cool as a guy! I bet Romano would flip tables if he saw his beloved little sister turned into a guy (XD)
And Iggy really is short as a girl. So yes, she is jealous that Sicily's taller. That's why she wants to reverse the spell.... But guess what Sicily's planning (hehehe poor Romano)
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June 28, 2013
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