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A species originally created by SetsaiI and now owned by Cheshiretails! Luckygons will intertwine heavily with the Snapperk species as well!

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Luckygons are a closed species owned by Cheshiretails
They were originally created by SetSaii

-Please note that Luckygons are a closed species meaning you can not make one with out permission from Cheshiretails

-You may not make adopts for this species.

-Please be kind to other members. If you are having an issue with another member please note the group so that we can try to resolve the issue.

-Do not sell your Luckygons for more than you have bought it for.

-Please let me know if you trade your Luckygons so that I can update the ownership.

-You may trade your Luckygon if you wish!

-You may make minor edits to your Luckygons designs but the design must still be somewhat recognizable. Please note the group if you wish to redesign so that it can be approved.

-You may give your Luckygons human like hair/style it, give it scars, chop off limbs.

-We don't prefer that you change your snaper to a different species but if you wish to we can void your snaper.

-We do not allow Luckygons to have designs that exist in other worlds so no Luckygons that match your sona ect. This is so that if you trade or sell your Luckygon there is not two of the same design just on different creatures.

-Luckygons may not be based on copy righted characters or have the design of a copy righted character. No exceptions.

-If you have traded a Luckygon it loses it's monetary value and can no longer be sold.

-If you make, buy, or own an offbrand Luckygons you will be blacklisted from the species :c (can be discussed based on the situation)

By buying or owning a Luckygon you agree you have read and agree to these rules/tos.

Breaking these results can result in being grey-listed (medium or short term punishment) or if the rules are continuously broken then it can result in blacklisting.
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