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Word on the street is Team Cinnamon's gonna mess you up, yo.
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PMD: Explorers of Gangstah

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PMD: Exporters of Drugness

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I dunno, Summer seems like a Busta to me.

I bet Summer can't even follow the damn train.

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I am sure Summer will have the bright idea to get in front of the train and let it come to him.

He is smart.

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Hey they’re bad boys nice!!

Too bad Summer is too stupid to actually be effective!

LuckyFoxPaws's avatar

You have a thing for rebels, if I do dare say so...

You want to get an impression on Summer as a gangsta boy, he probably spray-painted what he has around his neck with gold paint. XD

4chocolatemew's avatar

Eh kinda. What makes you say that though?

Honestly, I’m just surprised he hasn’t torn up the clothes or eaten the accessories yet

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You seemed to approve of them being bad to the bone so enthusiastically, so I imagined you being one of those girls who like a good rebel who don't let anyone tell them what to do. XD

Guess I had one of those kinds of troupes pop up in my head...

*Burned the clothes.

And also, it is a pacifier so he would probably choke on it.

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Really? I just found it amusing


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Too late, you have been arrested for association with drugs.

They should put a suitable for ages number on that thing.

Summer isn't mature enough for pacifiers.

4chocolatemew's avatar

Well technically that’s not wrong since I’ve taken medically controlled Speed( I have ADHD)


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Sweet. Time to sell some drugs.

...Pacifire Type Pokemon.

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