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Enjoy all my drawing's


Double Trouble 2/8 by Puffylover1
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Double Trouble 2/8 :iconpuffylover1:Puffylover1 73 9
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I just change the Rules but don't worry some others I'm still working your request ^^ but the another page is close example others of my friends maybe later i will put on the friend list on Bio ->…

I do draw
Fruits Inflation
Hourglass or Hyper
Breasts, Butt or Body Expansion
Blood and Gore (a little)
Female Inflation

I Don't draw
Male Inflation (a little)
Hate Art
Fetish Random Cartoon Show like Nick, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel or others


I freaking love this art ❤
Blueberry Bliss O' Blurg
Art Trade with :iconluckyemerald269: 

Depressed from a lack of Blueberries, Blurg the Antivirus locked himself in his house and stayed in bed. However, his virus girlfriend Monica decided to use her dark powers to teleport herself and her fox friend Catty into Blurg's home, where they further used Monica's powers to turn into giant blueberries. Blurg's home was destroyed during their transformation, but Blurg found himself snuggled and being kissed by the two berries. He is very happy for now.

There needs to be more blueberry kissing art. Maybe it could be a way of mouth-to-mouth juicing.

Blurg belongs to me, and everyone else belongs to luckyemerald269.
Hey guys today is Lilys birthday ^^ :icondragonblade2095: Happy birthday! ^3^
Does anyone watch the anime show its call "KILL la KILL"? Y or N (means yes or no)
🇺🇸 Happy the 4th of July guys! 🇺🇸
Super Busty Bird and Deadpool
(I just draw me as deadpool and I'm not good at drawing guns sorry guy's ^^;)

A fan art and Gift to 🎁-> :iconjaehthebird:

From-> :iconluckyemerald269:
The Request are now "Closed" sorry guys because i have so many Request and on July I'm gonna do Commissions. if i forgot others request let me know in the comments but stop asking me for request
DeviantArt Infinity War (Join Us)
deviantart Infinity war logo
my idea if deviantart where to get it's own crossover movie event.

just so you know this is based on Avengers: Infinity War.

Watch "Steamed Hams but it's Coach and Nick" on YouTube. Maybe later soon wen i finish all the request i will make a drawing video on YouTube but it's gonna take long to make it ^^;

Nicholas - Mikel The Virus

coach - Amethyst The Virus or Rick The Virus

Girl (i forgot her name sorry guy's) - Lizz The Slime or Frily The Virus

Oc Character Belongs to->:icondankakathecat: & :iconpaintartestdarkstar:

From-> :iconluckyemerald269:
I decided to make a couple version of Me and Emerald. How will be better? MY Style or YOUR Style? Download and paint my OC to compare! (Including LuckyEmerald269~!)
Dankaka (C) Me
Emerald (C) :iconluckyemerald269:



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Emerald The Virus
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:xboxonecontroller: by BLUEamnesiac :nintendowii: by BLUEamnesiac :xboxonecontroller: by BLUEamnesiac :nintendowii: by BLUEamnesiac :xboxonecontroller: by BLUEamnesiac :nintendowii: by BLUEamnesiac :xboxonecontroller: by BLUEamnesiac :nintendowii: by BLUEamnesiac :xboxonecontroller: by BLUEamnesiac
HELLO My name is Emerald I'm a Virus and I draw Inflation, Hourglass, I love to draw Virus Oc's (I don't know why XD) and Sometimes I draw Furry's. Oh and (Don't Hate Please) don't forget to Watch Me.^^ (If you hate my art work. DON"T post anything to HATE ONE OF MY DRAWINGS If you do it. I will BLOCK YOUR COMMENT oh and another thing if you do it again I will BLOCK YOU)

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Roleplays are open by WizzDono -> Why Yes~ I LOVE ROLEPLAY IT'S ALL WAYS OPEN!


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Thanks the faves! ^^
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Well because I like to make Inflation but i don't want to be rude its my work and something i like to draw but I don't draw Some Cartoon shows to be inflation i don't do that. I know its A little disturbing =3=
KawaiiSugarSweets Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
Yeah I Mean People Do Have Different Likes And Dislikes And Different Art Style. I Mean This Is Your Gallery So I'm Not Going Jouge (Don't Know How To Spell) Your Art. Just Do What You Wanna Do With Your Gallery.
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