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A really long braid

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Made this braid for renfaire with the help of this awesome tutorial.. [link]
I just did it three times, and then made a braid with it. Thanks so much to ~GarnetFlight [link] I got compliments on it all day! :)
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May 25, 2008, 9:44:35 AM
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So nice and long <3 id so wanna hug it too cx
beautiful! i really thought this was your natural hair!
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my friend's hair is actually that long!
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Nice! Does she ever wear it down? The longer my actual hair gets, the more I stick it back in a braid or a bun.. I think long hair is so pretty, but it gets in my way so much!
AVPMismylife's avatar
she ALWAYS wears it down- it drives me nuts. See, i love to braid, but when i try to do her hair she slaps my hand until i stop touching her hair (she gets freaked out when people touch her hair) so its always boring :(
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beautiful :love:

"Hold the heathen hammer high!" - Týr
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i just love it.. i wanna hug it! :3
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! Thanks! Haha.. I have used that thing so many many times! So many stilt costumes are just so much better with more hair! :)
CrazyBlo0D's avatar
long thick braids, beat everything!
LuckyElement7's avatar
:D That's why I liek having one around to attach to my head.. ha!
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This is Just So Fabulous! From the color, to the curl, to the length, the realism - Perfectly Fabulous!
LuckyElement7's avatar
Thank you so much!
I love it.. I use it all the time, have changed the color a bit with the addition of a blonder color on the bottom, which makes it even looonger. :D It's great for stilt walking characters.
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Actually a question for you, I took a look at the tutorial you listed and it is great for making the wefts, but what I am confused on is how to add them to your own hair. Do you have a suggestion where to look?
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OOh! Sorry it took so long to respons. I haven't been on here in a long while..
what I did for mine, was to sew a pony tail holder to the end of each strand, and then lift up the top half of my hair and put the pony tail holders around the three bottom sections of hair (3 for the braid) then I let the top half of my hair down to cover the pony tail and then I braided it all together.. (Does that make sense?) It seemed to work fairly well.. let me know if you have more questions.. I'll try to check back again soon..
ChasingRabbits's avatar
That's really great, I think I am going to do that for the fair in my area coming up.
LuckyElement7's avatar
Cool! let me know how it works out!
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Very funny.. a couple days of sporadic bursts of sewing.. then some time with a curling iron. ;)
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How long it take to do your hair...
lol Awesome
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