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Radiant Star (FoE: StarLight)

Rarely read fanfics, but FoE: Starlight I liked). This solved it sketch
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Nope.  That's Radiant Star, from the FoE sidefic "Fallout Equestria: Starlight"  XD
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Really? U sure. Cuz it looks exactly like Twilight.
Pretty sure its just a renamed Twilight
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Um, no.  It's not.  :)

Radiant Star is the protagonist of "Starlight", of which I am the author of.   There's a reason she looks the way she does, which is something that's explained through the course of the story.
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Can u link me the story plz?
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It was linked earlier in the comments, but here you go:…
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Looks like Twilight!
Can I have a link to this fanfic ?
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Sure, here you go: [link]
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i shouldn´t do this, but DAMMIT i´m gonna read another fanfic^^
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Interesting. Obviously conflicts with New Beginnings (and possibly will conflict with PH, the way things are going), but I really like wasteland-alicorn fics. I'll give it a read.
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Wait a minute, didn't Twilight die right after the bombs fell? How can this be?!
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Hiw far are you in the fic? I can explain but I don't want to spoil anything
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Do you mean Star Light or FO:E?
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FO:E. It explains the difference in the alicorns' apperences at some point. There's only 3 different colorations, at least at first, and one of them resembles Twi.
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Yeah I know, but I don't think they resembled her THAT much. Also, I didn't think that an alicorn other than Lacunae used weapons and pip bucks.
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I dunno, it only really said they were purple. And this story is after the Godess's death so most alicorns probably gained personality and weapon preferences depending on those personalities
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Yeah, I guess so. That makes sense.
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This is awesome. XD
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Oh, and I also got this posted on EQD, so congrats!!!!!
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Okay now that I'm out of fanboy mode. I am so completely in love with this.

I love how you conceptualized Stargazer. It looks perfect. With this attention to detail, I would love to see how you would conceptualize Thunder Flash or Para Bellum (especially the latter).

The background, my god. It's like I'm playing Fallout right now just by looking at it.

In short, I love this so very, very much.
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