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Character  Archangel
that was difficult :D 
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Fantastically intricate work on this.

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Great to hear You like it :hug:

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I immediately thought it was Archangel Michael! Great job!:hug:

Beautiful job...would love to see you commissioned to do a doorway to a church depicting the fall of the rebel angels.

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Really great thanks :heart: :heart: :heart:

Im not skilled enough yet for things like that- Im still learning, Im sulpting from about 6 month I need tons of practice before making more advanced stuff

Well I think you have a love for what you do and it shows.



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I like the angel
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His face reminds me of my father, wow! XD

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Hi there! Hi!  I'm Sieg and I'm from :iconprojectcomment: !

Holy molly, I believe you completely when you say this was difficult, this looks like it must have taken forever! You have a lot of details on here from the individual feathers on the wings, to all of the design on the armor, shield and sword. It's all very impressive and shows off your talent very much! I was actually pleasantly surprised to see a sculptor among the groups deviations! I've always been a large admirer of clay figures and have even done a little bit myself in the past(but they weren't anything like this!) anywho, something else I also like the characters design as a whole, often when people think of an archangel, or angels on general, they usually think of whimsical figure in like a flowing white gown. So to see an interpretation of an archangel that is more warrior like is very refreshing as well as being very unique! ^^ I also like the colors in this piece, the gray and yellows go very well together and makes give the appearance of being like sliver and gold. And the red cap is really nice as well, and it gives the figure a nice pop and makes it stand out.

the only thing I can think to suggest would be to try and smooth out your clay at certain areas because it looks a bit rough. Like at the tip of the bottom part on the left wing looks like its separated a little bit from the rest of the wing. And theres also a few visible cuts on some parts of the figure as well and if you were to go back and smooth those out a bit it would look a bit better. other than that this is absolutely wonderful!! keep up the amazing work!! Love 

p.s, how long did it take you to make this and what kinda clay did you use?Meow :3             
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nice to meet You:meow:

really great thanks for this fantstic comment ;P

Im using plasticine and I think I made this sculpture in like 3 hours,

Im sculpting from 4 months and Im still only learning so I do a lot of mistakes but Im trying my best :hug:

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hi again! and goodness gracious only 4 months?? thats amazing! I would have thought that you have been sculpting much longer than that from the quality of your work, truly amazing! ^u^
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Heyo!! I'm from ProjectComment!!
Overall, I really love this guy! my eye was immediately drawn to this piece in the group gallery, not only because of his grandiose posture and "vibe", but also because the colors you used on him are melded together pretty well and really work together to give me a sense of awe, one that would usually be reserved for a ~real~ guardian angel.
Now, there are a few things that I thought could be improved upon- most of these involve blending out the clay a little! I can definitely point out the wings on this issue, specifically the top edge of them. Because they're relatively unblended, the feathers up there just look a little stuck-on, taking away from the immersiveness of the piece. Of course, this can be easily fixed by molding the tops of the feathers to the edge of the wing to get rid of the crevices! Other places that could be worked on with blending are the inside of the cape and the gold outline of the right boot.
That being said though, one way this stuck-on texture really works is the hair. It's kind of like animated hair in the sense that it's separated into clear sections, yet still manages to look natural and dynamic! I can really just see the black curls on that guy's head, you know?
I also really liked his expression! He seems grounded, determined, and strong-willed. All this I can gather from just the shape of his eyes and position of his eyebrows! The face is really well rendered too, and while above the nose bridge may need a bit of blending, the crease up there actually seems to lend more character to his expression.
Anyway, I have to say I really liked this! The bright colors make it fun and pleasing to look at while his stance and expression gives off a majestic feeling. It must've taken a long time to make such a detailed 3D object, too!
Hope I could help a bit! :D
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Really great thanks fo awsome comment, especialy part about hair, Im trying to learn ho to make good anime-manga hair from some time and I think Im slowly success in it,

about wings I know I could do them better but I was super tired while during them (I made whole sculpture in like 3 hours and wings were last thing , I shodve make breake in work and end it later after rest ;P )

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Hello, I am from Project Comment :constructive:

You did really well on the proportions. Just looking at it, I can't really see anything that just seems to be off, which is a huge plus in my eyes for this type of medium. You have a lot of the basics there, but what I do feel like needs to be done is refinement.

Getting things to lay more flat which would make it seem like it's all one object vs a bunch of objects added together. take the shoes, for example with the toes of them you can tell the yellow/gold was added onto the silver. use a tool to flatten them a bit, just to make it less obvious that they

Also, maybe try taking photos from various angles. Sometimes, straight-on shots can obscure more than it shows. Like, it would have been cool to see more of his head, as his ears. For me, straight on photographs appear to be more 2d compared to other varying angles. This could also make the figure appear to be more alive. Like you could make the wings look as if they were flapping, and take an angled view to bring even more life to the.

Lastly, the wings. My biggest complaint about them is that you can see through them. Wings would have enough feathers that you wouldn't be able to see through them unless they were near the bottom of the wing. The top of the wing especially wouldn't have anything visible through them. I would suggest either filling it in with more feathers- or use a sheet of your medium, similar to the flatness of the cape, and place it behind the wings, cutting out of the wing silhouette. However, the end method wouldn't work as well, if you were to take photos from other angles since anything from behind the wing would mean the wing wouldn't show as much detail.

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ok thanks fror comment

Im improve my style slowly and getting better at it,

but its long process cos Im busy man...

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I know how it is. During the busy season at my job it's really busy, it becomes harder to set enough time aside for all the things I want and/or need to do.

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and Im sculpting just from about 4 months, so to be honest its more about getting skill in using fingers than anything else,

but still great thanks for feedback ;P :heart: :meow: :hug:

Can you make a Spartan? :sparta: 
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