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*Storenvy Goodbye Sale 35% OFF. Code: GOODBYE*
After 4 years on Storenvy, I am switching to a different e-commerce platform. In the midst of this process there may be some short downtime or transitional periods where certain products are not available. To make up for this inconvenience, I am offering 35% off all products (excluding originals and pins) until July 4th. Product is limited right now during this change, so basically the stock that is in store will not be updated until we have our new e-commerce solution up and running. If you want to read more about this decision, I wrote a little about it below:

After 4 years on Storenvy, I am switching to a different online store system. While this decision hasn't been made lightly, I feel it is necessary and I am excited for the changes. I certainly do not regret my time on Storenvy, and I thank them and their team for providing a cheap alternative to other e-commerce solutions; however, it is time to move on. Over the years, Storenvy has become increasingly difficult for consumers (you guys) and me to use. They have increased checkout fees that the consumer has to cover, and that makes me uncomfortable, not to mention I am sure it deters a lot of you guys from checking out on the platform. I don’t like hidden fees that crop up at the end of a checkout process, and I don’t like the fact that these fees seem to be almost random, but most of all I don’t like that the consumer has to pay them. The new store system will be a more friendly E-Commerce solution. And with this, more changes are coming. A monthly newsletter will be available for people who want to be aware of the newest original drawings being offered in shop, new pin designs being released, etc. There are also plans in the works to bring back Patreon. I hope you all will bare with me through these changes. As always, I appreciate all of the support that I get from you guys. It truly means the world to me, and allows me to continue to continuing doing what I love for a living.

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Glad to hear you found a better platform! Will orders recently placed be effected in any way?
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Hello! Thank you very much! Recent orders won't be affected at all. They will all get packaged and shipped in the regular timeframe. The store will also still remain active during the next few weeks during the transition period. Everything should go smoothly besides some store downtime and a few products being unavailable for a short amount of time :heart:
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Man. I was looking at Store Envy as an alternative to Etsy, because they're going through a fee hike as well.
Best of luck o the new selling platform~
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It's not a bad platform by any means. It was a really great starter store, and the prices for sellers are unbeatable. The problem is that at checkout, the consumer gets hit with the "storenvy fees". As long as you are upfront with your customers, it might not be a bad option! I just know I've outgrown it a little, but that is a personal decision
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Glad to hear you have a better option! I did not know about the extra fees and might have to look into something else for my convention stock. What platform are you moving to next?
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Thank you! Yeah, the extra fees are brutal for potential customers. Storenvy will hit them with an extra $1.99 on a $10 order, and I just had another customer get hit with $3.98- it's a bit excessive and random. I get that they need to make money, but there should be an option to pay a monthly fee or something to opt out of the fees that the consumer has to pay. I will most likely be moving to shopify. It is more expensive on my end, but I think it is an overall more professional option :) 
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Any idea if it'll have cheaper shipping options to EU customers ?
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That is also something that I am looking into! With a more expensive plan, it seems like there might be options to have lower fares through the post office, but I am not positive what those are. I would love to be able to offer more affordable shipping to countries abroad! 
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