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Whale Patronus

The last in the series that was never uploaded to deviantART!

For anyone interested, I have prints of the whole series here:…
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whale of a patronus.
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Tbh I would love it if my patronus was a whale :giggle:
ToySpringtrap12's avatar
Blue whale, huh?
Just kidding.
Nice art! ;)
rodrev's avatar
aatosiwa's avatar
Absolutely stunning.
Jawox-DragonQueen's avatar
My mind has just imploded.
Sancuya's avatar
Please. Can you do a borzoi patronus? Thanks!!!
UnbridledMuse's avatar
I think this one is my favorite! :D the giraffe and the turtle are pretty awesome, too. :la:
Lvnnkartistries's avatar
whale whale whale what do we have here
77th-Role-Player's avatar
Wow! I love this! Its so magical and perfect. :) (Smile) 
Lolliangel00's avatar
Woah, it's so pretty :heart: 
SerenityDragonwing's avatar
I love these! The colors and the wispy magic are so pretty :)

Did you do an elephant one?
Lucky978's avatar
Actually I did do an elephant! :D 
Elephant Patronus by Lucky978
SerenityDragonwing's avatar
*high pitched screaming* Oh my god it looks amazing!!!!
NickTheNightOwl's avatar
I love the effects that give them the majestic ghost-ish look.
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Thank you so much!
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Whaaaaale ♡♡♡♡
This is so goood !
Diavola-chan's avatar
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Sooooooo coooool! Im sooooo glad I randomly found your tortoise art and wolf art because i watch u and u make awesome art!
Lucky978's avatar
Thank you so much! :D 
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I love this series so much! Could you do a dragon petronus? Or a penguin petronus. I don't know why penguin but I would love to see it. :) Great job!
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