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Rainbow Dragon

By Lucky978
A rainbowy watercolory dragony dragon :) 
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iPhone X
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1/30 second
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4 mm
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Apr 25, 2018 2:13:33 PM -04:00
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Woah it's beautiful!
Dodo13's avatar
Such inspiration! Love your style ! 
SilverSugar's avatar
Ohmygosh the crackly colors are amazing!!
Erika-Zayenna's avatar
How do you even make those coloring effects??? *0*
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Hi Katy!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured some of your work in a post for Pride 2018 on my dragon artwork blog (with proper attribution and links back, of course, as we talked about).  I love your colorful artwork, and your dragons and kitty dragons especially!  You can find me at Writing Dragons, and your feature here.  Keep up the amazing work!
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(P.S. one of my links broke the first time I posted this, that's why I had to hide the comment below, sorry!)
Nuwer-Arts's avatar
Most impressive.  Nice use of prisma and watercolor together 
dragon-man13's avatar
beautiful. this piece is simply beautiful
the color work that you have accomplish here is incredibly lovely
and the dragon profile is super nice too. really awesome job and
keep it up ;) 
GemKeeper's avatar
May I use this as a reference to my black star dragons? It's so gorgeous! 
RavenCorona's avatar
Beautiful colors.
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Rainbow Dragon
Class: Light
Magic Levels: Medium
Habitat: Forest Clearings, Plains. 

Light Breath, breathes lighting the area around it's victim, blinding them and making them vulnerable to attacks.
Crystal Rain, breaths sharp crystals of various colors which can create multiple lacerations. 
Hypnotic Gaze, upon making eye contact with this dragon, this attack with go into effect, hypnotizing the victim by giving the illusion of multiple colors in a pinwheel-like fashion everywhere they look, upon breaking eye contact the effect will slowly wear off and the victims vision will return to normal.

Weakness(s): Can only see a few yards in front of itself due to the magic in it's eyes.

Notes: This dragon type is usually docile, until you approach it's eggs, then it goes into full attack, doing anything to keep you away from the nest. If you run into this dragon and do not want to risk fighting it, keep as far away from it as you can and stick to the shadows so it will having a tough time separating your figure from the surroundings. 
WyattTheLobster's avatar
My eyes have been blessed
Vulcanatus's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!!
CrimsonFlowerHaru's avatar
So pretty! i love the colors. 
D-E-W-P's avatar
Would it be cool if I used this for a tattoo?
Lucky978's avatar
I don't mind at all! :D 
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Auroral. I love dragons. S
RinJiku's avatar
Wow, it's wonderful!
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