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183- Black Rainbow Kitty

By Lucky978
Another one of my rainbow kitty dragons. 


I am out of the Country until July 17th.  Please note that if you feel you must get in touch with me to email me at with the subject line "URGENT".  I will not always have internet access, but I will do my best to respond to urgent messages. 

Please be advised that all purchases made in my online store will not be shipped until after July 17th.
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looks awesome!
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I love your rainbow kitty dragons. In fact, I've just been sparked with an idea to make one myself. I'll send you a link when I finish it. 
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It's hard enough keeping my cats off of the counters without them having wings. O.O 
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So pretty much Nyan Cat except it ate the poptart away and grew dragon wings.
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That drawing is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am SO buying from you. Your work is beautiful, and on your store, quite cheap, so I can actually afford it! I am SO going to be buying from you. -w-
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This is so lovely! How do you blend it so well? do you use a particular kind or brand of pencils?
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This is gorgeous!! Absolutely amazing!!

(P.S, do you mind if I use this basic idea--like a black cat with rainbow wings-I promise I won't copy it exactly, but I think this would make a cool character for a magical story)
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This is really cool I am a dummy! 
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Looks really good, I love the wings
I love it! Especially how you managed to make the colors sort of blend in.
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the wings are so majestic
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that is purely amazing. do you use watercolor?
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I love the wings 😍so pretty
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